My letter to John Angelos of the O’s…

May 22, 2007 | Drew Forrester

…actually never made it out of the Word Perfect file.

I started the letter around 12 noon today.  Then I got wrapped up in finishing some things on the WNST Charity Golf Outing that is all set for this Thursday, May 24 at Mountain Branch.

By the time I got back to my letter to John Angelos, it was 3:15 pm.  I was ready to fire away and explain to Angelos all the things we talk about as fans of the team…our frustrations, our disappointments and our diminishing interest in the club which, in turn, directly leads to lower attendance.

Then I thought to myself, “why am I taking time out of my day to put something up on for anyone over there at the Warehouse?  Why would I take an hour out my day to try and help them and tell them what I think?”

I mean, honestly, they don’t care what ANYONE in town thinks.  So, in a moment of self-reflection, I decided what I had to write today probably wasn’t important enough to even present to them.

And, after all, why should I even TRY to help them?  Seriously…why should I?

Here’s a franchise that back in December when I asked them if I could bring my Comcast Morning Show to Ft. Lauderdale for a week of spring training broadcasts told me, “you can go down there, but you’re not going to have access to any players or team officials to utilize as guests for your show…you’re probably better off staying home.”

Here’s a franchise that didn’t notify me until 10:45 am ON THE DAY OF THE HOME OPENER that I had a press credential for the game that started at 3pm.

Here’s a franchise whose Media Relations guy LIED – outright lied – to Rick Maese of The Sun on opening day and said I didn’t have a season press credential last year, when I absolutely did.  I asked for an apology on April 10…and I’m still holding my breath.

Here’s a franchise who hasn’t provided my show with ONE guest from the club for the better part of a full calendar year.  No one.  Give me someone…anybody…the girl who drives the tractor around the field during the games would be a start.

Here’s a franchise who last week intentionally ignored e-mails and phone calls from me when I was providing them with the opportunity to work TOGETHER on a story I had uncovered.  Then, not only did they respond to other media members that same day, they mysteriously distributed conflicting information within their own organization about the status of the 2008 team road jerseys.

Here’s a franchise that has seen its ticket sales numbers drop 37,000 (through 20 games) in comparison to last year and they have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to cheat the fans out of valuable team-related information by engaging in this petty, silly, unprofessional and useless “blackballing” of WNST Radio.

Here’s a franchise that needs help.  In the worst way possible.

But who’s gonna help ’em?  Who?  Can the 692 people in town who still REALLY care about them fix things?  Or would they be better off trying to find out why 500,000 people have stopped going to the games over the last six seasons and then do something to try and get those people back to the stadium?  Who’s gonna help ’em figure it all out?

Why should I help?  Why should you?  Why should anyone help them when they’ve treated people so poorly?

On second thought, here’s my letter to John Angelos.  I hope someone at the O’s passes it on to him.

Dear John Angelos,

Fix the franchise.  Please.  If you’re looking for a place to start, see the above nonsense that your staff is responsible for and try your best to either rectify those mistakes or make sure they stop occurring on a regular basis.  I would hope you’re not a party to some of this shameful behavior on the part of your “professionals”.  If you’ve endorsed these characters, you’re as much to blame as they are.  Get this mess straightened out and let’s get back to being a city that’s proud of its baseball franchise.

I’m fairly certain you’re a bright guy.  Fix the franchise.