O’s admit they didn’t change the ’08 away jerseys because of a ‘media agenda’

June 05, 2007 | Drew Forrester


…and I have the e-mail.

The question now is…what should I do with the damaging e-mail?

For starters, the admission was part of a 3-paragraph response from a club official to a WNST listener about the road jerseys fiasco (the listener forwarded me the e-mail from the O’s).  These are the same club officials who have ducked and dodged me and others from WNST who have questioned them about this subject over the last month – but at least they ARE responding to a select few fans about the situation.

Last week, of course, I reported that people “in the know” informed me the away jersey change for 2008 was pulled off the “consideration docket” by the club because WNST was leading the charge for “BALTIMORE” to be returned to the team away jerseys next season.

Some people in town scoffed at that notion, claiming we were simply “making up stuff” in an effort to self-promote.

Well, here’s the line from the e-mail:

“the club will never make a decision based solely on a vocal minority of fans or media pushing forward an agenda…”

And then there’s a bunch of baloney that follows about the team having “millions of fans throughout the region” and so on and so on.

Odd how they always work that word “region” in there, huh?  Too bad they don’t work the word “BALTIMORE” in more, right?

Earlier in the e-mail, there’s another vague reference to WNST: “the club has chosen not to comment on this issue publicly because we have a policy not to comment on MEDIA-CREATED stories.”

Oh, so now WE at WNST created the story that the Orioles haven’t had “BALTIMORE” on their jerseys for the last 35 years?  Boy, no one else in town noticed that but us, huh?

I guess the question tonight is – do I publish the e-mail in its entirety? 

I think I’ll e-mail the club official in charge and give him an opportunity respond to me, like always, and see if we can get to the bottom of this whole thing.

It’s another disgraceful pack of lies from the club and once again, they always have to take a shot at “the great unwashed” by pointing to people who have an opinion different then their’s as “a vocal minority.”

Interestingly enough, the word VOCAL MINORITY seems to be attached to Orioles baseball these days.

It’s a “vocal minority” that attends the games on a regular basis in 2007.

So I’ll take the rest of the night to think about the e-mail.  I’ll contact the O’s – they’ll fail to respond of course – and then I’ll have to decide if I should make it public tomorrow.

Stay tuned –