Significant O’s announcement tomorrow

May 17, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Sorry to double-blog within 20 minutes, but I’m tracking a story relating to the Orioles that I want to bring to all of you as soon as I can get it “signed, sealed and delivered.”  When I wrote the “gut-check” blog, I didn’t have any new information on this potentially-important story, but within the last five minutes, I got an e-mail further adding some information that I think is important.

I have given the Orioles the entire day (today, Wednesday) to respond to an e-mail and cell phone inquiry but in typical O’s fashion, I didn’t get a response of any kind, despite a half-dozen different attempts to have them acknowledge the information I am possessing.

This is life in 2007 with the Orioles.

They don’t communicate with you unless, a) they initiate the contact – like a month ago when they sent out a hastily-prepared press release alerting the media they were giving everyone in attendance free ponchos that night – or – b) you generate revenue for them.

In 2007, if you have a question for the Orioles, you can e-mail it, call it in or even text message the appropriate people if you have their cell # (which I do) and chances are really, really, really good that you WILL NOT get a response.

That’s how my day went today.  E-mails went unreturned.  Text messages went unreturned.

And all I want to do is talk about the team tomorrow morning.

So, let’s see what happens between now and 4:30 am when I wake up.  I might have some big news tomorrow morning for all of you baseball fans out there.

Or, I might wake up in the morning to an empty e-mail inbox and I’ll have to go with what I have at this point.