Sun cuts: Sad to see Steele and Maese go

April 29, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It’s not a shock, but still disconcerting nonetheless, to see Sun sports writers David Steele and Rick Maese laid off today as part of a massive reduction in force at 501 N. Calvert St.

I like David and Rick.  I always thought they did their best to “fit in” here even though they were both out-of-towners.  They didn’t try to act like they understood Baltimore when they first arrived on the scene…but they were quick learners and seemed to legitimately enjoy the sports scene in Charm City.  The more I talked with them and read their work, the more I felt like they had become part of the community.

What happened to them today is a shame, because they didn’t do anything to deserve it.  To borrow a phrase NFL fans are aware of — Steele and Maese were “cap casualties” at The Sun.

I don’t know what jettisoned writers go on to do in today’s economy…it’s obvious newspapers in our country aren’t in a hurry to hire anyone right now.

But I hope both of those guys go on to do great things in whatever endeavors they choose.  They’re good men, Steele and Maese.