They love a good fight…

August 03, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Anyone else read the Baltimore Business Journal today?

There’s a very interesting article in there about the Middle Atlantic Sports Network.  You might want to read it (here it is). The story is on the front page, in the upper left corner.

You will note – in the article – that MASN is now pressuring Time Warner and the federal government to have MASN placed on its most popular “tier” of cable TV service providers…so that they can potentially charge a premium for MASN sometime down the road.

Billboards, advertising, internet banners…MASN is going out of its way in North Carolina to encourage residents to petition the government, cable providers, etc.

So — that’s where MY money for MASN on my local Comcast provider is going, huh?

We’re all paying $2.00 a month so that MASN can launch advertising campaigns in North Carolina?  Forget the fact that there are media outlets in Maryland (ahem, I know of ONE, directly) that haven’t seen a dime of MASN advertising money.  There are a bunch of web-sites out there – mostly up and running to promote baseball in this market – that could use a $500 banner advertising check from MASN every three months or so.  Instead of helping web-sites like…for example…”The Loss Column” (they are so pro-Orioles it almost looks like the team owns the site) with an advertising check every couple of months, the MASN folks are busy buying advertising on web-sites in NORTH CAROLINA.  Instead of advertising on WNST – I’ve talked so much Orioles baseball this spring/summer that some people think I am actually on the take from the club – or buying an ad or two for Mark Suchy’s or Rex Snider’s weekend show on WNST..they’re buying ads on a radio station in NORTH CAROLINA.  Instead of buying an ad in The Essex Times or The Towson Times or the Maryland Gazette down in Glen Burnie…they’re buying newspaper ads in NORTH CAROLINA.

I thought we were all paying $2.00 a month to MASN so they can funnel the proceeds back into the Orioles organization to get us players — like Matt Wieters, for example.  Or, this off-season, a guy like Jermaine Dye…or maybe (gulp), even Alex Rodriguez.

Gotta give the MASN folks credit — like their brethren at Camden Yards, they love to fight.

All of this information just gives Orioles fans everywhere more reason to expect BIG things this off-season.  The more money that MASN generates in Maryland and every other surrounding state, the more money they can spend on pitching, power hitters and winning baseball teams.

The Orioles payroll this season is $85 million.  That’s what it was in 1997.

Come to think of it, they DO need more money.

Come on North Carolina, pony up some dough.

I don’t want to have to shell out $3.50 per-month next year.