Tuesday potpourri…

April 17, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Great win by the Orioles last night.  Big comebacks in football are sometimes “season-savers” because the schedule is only 16 weeks long and EVERY game – every PLAY really – could mean the difference in making the playoffs or not.  And so, while I acknowledge there’s probably never been a baseball win in April that has turned a team’s season around, I can’t help but think the Birds will keep that comeback fresh in their minds for a while.

It’s early – so let’s not give Flanagan and Duquette the GM(s) of the Year award in major league baseball just yet – but that $43 million they paid for the bullpen sure looks like the wisest mass-investment the team has made in a long, long time.

We sure are lucky to have Eric DeCosta as part of the Ravens organization.  Not only does he absolutely know what he’s doing – the Ravens draft record over the years make that point undeniable – but he’s a quality guy who understands how to communicate with the fans and, at the same time, not jeopardize the team’s draft by giving away confidental information.  Thanks again to Eric for taking time out of his schedule to join us on Monday night at Putty Hill Station.

Jason from Parkville chimed in with an interesting phone call on this morning’s abbreviated edition of The Comcast Morning Show. He asked, “Drew, when is this fighting going to stop between the Orioles and WNST?”  Well, I will ONLY speak for myself because that’s the only world I’m comfortable commenting on…so here goes:

I don’t really look at this Orioles/Drew Forrester relationship as “fighting”.  I have an obligation to the listeners to observe what the team does on a daily basis and report on it.  I have that same obligation with the Ravens.  I watch what they do and report my thoughts to the listeners.  So, on a daily basis, I generally have either good or bad to discuss with the Orioles.  There are some days when both good and bad can be discussed.  But all I’m doing is watching how they operate – both on and off the field – and then I talk about it on the air (and now, blog about it at www.wnst.net).  400,000-500,000 people no longer attend baseball games in Baltimore and I’d like to figure out how to change that.  I would assume the Orioles would like to change that.  Yet, on an almost daily basis, they do something that appears to be almost contrary to “wanting” to change that.  Things like not letting their General Manager appear on a radio show (with no explanation given)…or not giving season media credentials to the only legitimate LOCAL daily cable sports network in the marketplace – Comcast SportsNet…these decisions they make prohibit fans from gaining information on the team and, at the same time, expose an even greater problem that might be one of the reasons why a half-million people have stopped being fans of the team.  They have a very obvious “it’s either done OUR way…or you hit the road” philosophy with everyone they deal with…media, fans, etc.  So I’m not fighting them.  I’m not big enough to fight their entire organization.  But I will continue to observe what they do and report on it.  Good or bad.  When the win, and do good things, they’ll get their due.  When they lose, and do things that further remove themselves from their diminishing fan base, they’ll also get what they deserve.  That’s not fighting.  It’s reporting. And as long as I report the TRUTH, which I do, there’s nothing wrong with reporting the good AND the bad.

Have a great Tuesday!