Well, here we go

March 16, 2009 | Keith Melchior

It’s March Madness time. Everyone is scrambling to find what school will emerge as the 2009 version of NCAA’s Cinderella.  The talking heads are already spewing their yearly garbage and trying to make the most casual of fans see the bracket their way. Unlike many of the so called experts, I cannot see Carolina winning this thing handily.

Wouldn’t it be great if our lone local representative, Morgan State, went all the way to the championship game?  I drive by there almost every day and the campus is really buzzing now. It wouldn’t take much for people to catch Bear Fever around here. Too bad we couldn’t get a Maryland/Morgan Thursday night doubleheader. What a great party that would be around town.

I am not picking any 15 or 16’s over the 1 and 2’s and even the 14’s over the 3’s would be a stretch, but I believe ANY team can win as long as they can hit 45% of their shots and 80% of their free throws. If they start throwing up shot after shot and missing, the other team will capitalize and go on a game ending run, much like Maryland did when Wake was 2 for 18 in a 2nd half stretch.  Teams cannot go stretches of 4 and 5 minutes without scoring, but I’m certain you’ll see this time after time in the next 3 weeks.

I am picking UConn to win it all. That 6 OT loss to the Orangemen may help them go a long way. ANYBODY but Duke.

I can’t leave without making an Oriole comment… Now that Jim Johnson has been shut down, the Orioles may struggle to win 60 games this season. He is a vital cog in the wheel that eventually gets the game to George Sherrill. It puts more pressure on Matt Albers, Jamie Walker and Chris Ray to hold those late inning leads. I hope they are equal to the task.