Where is The Sun’s integrity this afternoon?

May 03, 2007 | Drew Forrester


Is WNST the ONLY media outlet in town willing to speak the truth?

This morning at 9:30 am, WNST Radio broke the story that O’s Vice President Joe Foss has resigned, ending his 14-year tenure with the team as, for all intents and purposes, the #2 man in the organization.

We had it first, even shared the identity of Foss’s NEW business effort, and unveiled the story for all of you on The Comcast Morning Show.

The Sun, our longtime daily newspaper in town, first reported the SAME NEWS at 2:16 pm today on their web-site.

Do you think they credited WNST with unearthing the story this morning?

Of course not.

So now, I have to question THEIR integrity level as well.

Who at The Sun made THAT decision today?  Who made the decision to purposely disregard the fact that WNST Radio broke the story of Foss’s departure?  And why?  Is The Sun embarrassed because “that little station at the end of the dial beat them?”  It’s funny, anytime WBAL Radio breaks a story, they always get credit in the paper.  So why did WE get the shaft?

Far as I know, we’re on good terms with The Sun.  I had coffee with Rick Maese last week at the ballpark.  Peter Schmuck talks to me.  David Steele sat next to me (well, OK, across the aisle from me) on our Southwest flight to Miami to cover the Super Bowl in January.  I THINK we’re friends…WNST and The Sun.

So I ask, again:  Why didn’t The Sun give WNST its proper credit today for breaking the Foss story?

Are the Orioles major advertisers with The Sun?  Yep.  Hmmm…I wonder, by chance, if THAT has anything to do with it.  The Sun, knowing our, uh, “rocky” relationship with the O’s, perhaps decided they’d better not attach WNST to any story having something to do with breaking news on the Birds.

And furthermore, how did WE get that story before the “rights holders” at CBS Radio?  I wonder.

You see, the baseball team has even scarred their own flesh and blood with this one.  Instead of giving WJFK the story YESTERDAY (which is when we found out), they held the story “in-house” and hoped maybe no one would realize Joe was gone for a few days and then the baseball team could just leak it out on their own.  Instead, we scooped their own flagship station today…on their OWN story.

And yet, The Sun refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Where’s the professionalism over there on Calvert St.?