WNST is winning in Ft. Lauderdale – “Guaranteed”

January 30, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Starting on Monday, February 1 and running through Friday, February 5, we’re gonna put a b-slapping on anyone and everyone from Baltimore who ventures to Ft. Lauderdale to do radio/reporting for Super Bowl 44.

I’m not really sure who, exactly, is going to be in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center with us next week.

I know this, if anyone shows up, they better bring a BIG one of these.

I play “Raised on the Radio” every morning at 6:07 am to start The Comcast Morning Show…but next week, we might have to play that song by Springsteen.  It was written and performed in honor of the closing of Giants Stadium, but it’s going to be appropriate next week.

I hope we see EVERYONE from Baltimore down there.  But they all better come down there knowing they’re going to get their ass beat.

We’ll have MORE guests.

We’ll have BETTER guests.

We’ll do SUPERIOR radio.

We’ll have UNMATCHED internet coverage and videos of the whole week.

We just will.

If The Sun comes down, they’re getting beat.

If 105.7 comes down, they’re getting beat.

If 1370 comes down, they’re getting beat.

If WBAL comes down, they’re getting beat.

And if any of those local fly-by-night web-sites dedicated to internet football coverage decide to venture into the major leagues for a week, they’re gonna leave with their ass chewed on too.  They better bring a white towel on the trip.  They’ll need to wave it by Tuesday.

This is always the best week of the year for me, because we wind up grilling a big s**tburger for all the Baltimore folks who come down to compete with us and then we feed it to them on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

That said, I hope they all show up hungry on Monday, ready to compete for a week.

If you think I’m all wet about our Super Bowl coverage, tune in to the radio on Monday and listen.  And go to the WNST.net web site on Monday and starting reading and watching the videos.

If at anytime you think we’re losing to the competition, feel free to contact me and say so.

And on the flip side, once we slap everyone around for a few days, you’re also welcome to contact me and tell me I was right.

I don’t know who all is going down to Ft. Lauderdale next week, but we’ll be there, like we are every year.

And no one is beating us.

They better bring a big ass wrecking ball…if they even THINK they have a chance.