2013 Home Run Derby

July 15, 2013 | Matt Fowler

Tonight kicks off the 2013 MLB All-Star Week festivities live in New York at Citi Field with the Chevrolet Home Run Derby. The two captains this year come from the New York ball clubs, the Mets and the Yankees. Leading the NL will be 3rd baseman David Wright and for the AL, 2nd baseman Robinson Cano. This year is sure to bring some excitement with five first timers and two former champions including Prince Fielder, a two time winner.

For David Wright’s squad representing the National League, we have Michael Cuddyer, Bryce Harper, and replacement hitter Pedro Alvarez (in for the injured Carlos Gonzalez). David Wright is the only player in this group to compete in the Derby in the past. In 2006, he finished 2nd with behind Ryan Howard. He led the first round with 16 homeruns and was able to make it to the finals by only hitting 2 in the second round. In the final round he blasted four but was out down by Howard with five. As for the rest of the NL team, we are sure to see a lot of long balls come from second year player Bryce Harper and late entry Pedro Alvarez.

Representing the American League we have first timers Yoenis Cespedes and Chris Davis as well as four time competitor Prince Fielder. With three championships on this side as well as the Major League leader in homeruns at the break, the AL is sure to be the favorite in the Derby this year. The captain of this team, Robinson Cano, won in 2011 but was all but exciting last year with hitting zero homers in the first round. He is sure to pick it up this year in his home town at his cross town rivals stadium. Fielder will put on a show as always, and Cespedes and Baltimore Oriole, Davis are sure to make an impression and entertain the fans out in New York.

With all of the All-Star Week festivities getting underway tonight, there are always people who think the Home Run Derby and All-Star game are a joke and a waste of time. What everyone needs to remember is that these events are for the fans, and mainly for the young fans. The kids who want to see all the best players in the league in one game and aspire to play in this game one day. The next Ken Griffey Jr. could be watching on his couch tonight or even at Citi Field. Some people think that competing in the Derby is bad for hitters for the rest of the season, and for Oriole fans watching Chris Davis on pace to hit over 60 homeruns on the season this is a big deal.

I think that the Home Run Derby and the rest of the season will prove how good of a hitter Chris Davis really is. Do I want to see him compete tonight and come out the second half only hitting only ten homeruns? Of course not, but this is an event for the fans and if there is anyone in the league that should be in it, it should be him. When Davis wins the Derby tonight for the AL and hits another 30 homers on the season, everyone will be glad that he competed tonight.