A Vote of (Relative) Confidence in Dan Duquette

November 09, 2011 | Thyrl Nelson

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…this 2011 baseball season in Baltimore.

Those still “on board” with the O’s (gluttons that we are for punishment) endured another season of dashed expectations and ineptitude and perhaps to an even greater degree than in seasons past frustration, because this Orioles team, the 2011 version looked capable (at least before the season began) of achieving the .500 mark that has eluded this franchise for now 14 years and counting. It seemed for once that as fans our embarrassingly modest expectations actually had a chance at being met.


Those of us who have simply accepted that what we are experiencing now is the new “Oriole Way”, those of us who have abandoned any realistic expectations of competitiveness and accepted the Orioles for the train wreck style of entertainment that they’ve now devolved into, those of us who have taken to the inherent drama and excitement unfolding season after season in other markets while hoping against hope that the O’s will someday be a part of it once again, were treated to perhaps the best baseball season in recent history.


The 2011 baseball season had a drama in spades. The Cardinals and Rays caught the Braves and Red Sox respectively to stage two of the greatest late season comebacks in the history of baseball. That episode in and of itself brought about 4 must see games to finish the season on its final day, and for O’s fan pining for some modicum of relevance, fortune involved our Birds, albeit indirectly at best, in the action.