Adam Jones advice to Orioles fans: “Knock the s**t outta Yankees fans at Oriole Park”

March 25, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

in the media. Especially when the “media” is now available on Twitter account of @SimplyAJ10, aka Adam Jones.

But these two days have been doozies for dumb remarks.

Buck Showalter said he was going to live in Baltimore and he’s been AWOL since the leaves turned red. Then he goes on a rampage regarding the two classiest franchises in the sport and their fanbases who essentially keep Baltimore running on summer nights when they take over downtown 19 times per year.

I trust in Buck. All the T-shirt vendors around town are putting his picture on dollar bills and some are deifying his remarks regarding Derek Jeter and Theo Epstein. They’re comparing them to something my partner Brian Billick would say in 1999.

Yeah, Billick would say that stuff. But it would be AFTER the Ravens win. Not after 14 years of sheer ineptitude and disgrace — on and off the field.

The Orioles as a collective unit should let their play on the field dictate the amount of headlines they get on various national sports websites. Not invite the inevitable ridicule that will come because two things will almost certainly happen this year:

1. The Orioles will finish behind the Yankees and Red Sox.

2. Yankees and Red Sox fans will outnumber Orioles fans at Camden Yards, despite the economy.

Look, I think the team will be better. If you’re coming from 68 wins, they’re going to be a LOT better. I think they might actually be a .500 team this year and have a puncher’s chance of being above .500 at the All Star break and perhaps we’ll finally have something to cheer about after 14 years of misery, lying and ownership chasing fans away and stealing money via the MASN revenue cash cow and then not investing it back in the team (or the community).

Yesterday it was Buck, who should know better.

Today, it’s the “star” centerfielder who continually tweets his locations on earth, which rarely include Baltimore and mostly include Europe, San Diego and anywhere clubs are open, the girls are pretty and there’s a beach

Good for him. He’s a rich, big-league ballplayer who has a nice life.

But to tell Orioles fans who work 365 days a year to earn money that it’s our civic responsibility to spend a large percentage of our hard-earned dollars at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on summer nights to finance his lifestyle and physically assault every Yankees fan we see while we’re there for a team that hasn’t played a game that’s mattered in 14 years and the ownership has done everything short of personally coming to my condo and urinating in my Wheaties is just … dumb.

Mind-numbingly dumb…

I’m wondering what the world will think when this video pops up on everyone’s Facebook and Twitter page throughout the day.

And I’m sure the Orioles apologists – a group of about a dozen it seems – who will think Adam Jones’ stance is “great advice” for Baltimoreans.

Come down to the ballpark and beat up Yankees fans until they leave.

Yep, that’s the new “root, root, root for the hometeam” advice!

Here’s what the ballpark has looked like the last five years: