All Star Game to Forget

July 13, 2012 | Scott Zolotorow

This year’s Midsummer Classic will be quickly forgotten by the American Leaguers who got crushed by the San Francisco Giants. Matt Cain, Melky Cabrera, Pablo Sandoval, and Buster Posey all contributed towards the National League’s 8-0 victory over the American League. Amazingly the final score really leads people to believe that the entire AL team played horribly, and I’m not saying that the game was close, but only 3 American League pitchers allowed hits. Verlander and Harrison who combined to allow the 8 runs in just two innings. Five of their combined eight hits were for extra bases, which is unacceptable for any pitcher in a regular season game for just two innings work. But this is the All-Star game and I think Justin Verlander and Matt Harrison will survive. Chris Sale allowed 2 hits and fought out of the jam.

The bigger problem for the AL was only getting six hits. Two of those six were by Yankees and another was David Ortiz, making three out of six from the American League East. Oriole catcher, Matt Wieters, hit a ball that was caught at the Warning track, a ball that at Camden Yards is a home run.

As Orioles fans there are two positives from this game. The first is Jimmy Johnson’s shutdown inning with a strikeout and setting the NL down 1-2-3 in the 8th. The 2nd positive is that in that 8th inning all three Oriole All Stars were on the field at the same time.   That is the first time since 2005 that 3 Orioles were playing at the same time during the game. Unfortunately both Wieters and Adam Jones where hitless in their combined three at bats.

This loss was the 3rd straight for the American League after having a dominant reign in the thirteen seasons prior where they never lost and tied once in that miserable night in Milwaukee. With 21 of the last 26 World Series winners having home field advantage and the last nine teams to host a game seven, winning those contests, should this poor showing really give the National League representative of the Fall Classic the advantage? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I think the fact that a Wildcard team can receive home field advantage over a 100 game winning team is absolutely absurd. There is no good explanation for this other then Bud Selig wants fans to stay interested in the game. What he doesn’t realize is that the MLB All Star Game is 100 times better then the other three games combined. The Pro Bowl is a joke, which many players turn down chances to play in, the NBA all star averages 300 points a game and the NHL has a fantasy draft for its game.

The MLB fans will take the All Star Game seriously weather it means anything or not, its an important night where the entire country’s spotlight is on this one game because there is no other important event in the country happening on this night. Selig needs to cut the crap and “make it fun” and not “make it count.” By the way the last home team to lose a game seven at home happens to ironically be our beloved Orioles in ’79 to Pittsburgh.