All-Star Voting in April

April 23, 2012 | Tom Federline

Another major league baseball major league blunder. We are two weeks into the season and MLB has deemed it acceptable to start voting for the best players on the baseball diamond of the 2012 season. Or is it the best players from the second half of the 2011 season? Or is it the most popular players? Or is it the players who will benefit financial gain due to contract incentives? Why are fans voting for the supposed 2012 major league all-stars in April? They just finished their second weekend out of 12 prior to the All-Star break. I’m old school and I’m sick of seeing Yankees, Red Sox and Rangers in the starting line-up. Especially when half of them do not deserve to be there. 

Heck, just stop reading and go cast your vote for the most popular major league baseball players of the 2012 season. Here, you can even follow this link,

If by chance you really did just vote, do me and yourself a favor and seriously, stop reading this blog now! You need help. Go to a MLSA (Major League Scammers Anonymous) meeting. Or better yet, how about meeting me at the “It’s All Fixed Club”? Here goes MLB again, sucking you in to do more clicking on your computer and creating the illusion that your vote actually counts. Do you really think your “up to 25 times” vote counts? The all-star team is predetermined and/or bought off as time draws near. It’s a joke and once again evidence of how corporate sports feeds off the gullible fans. Do not Feed the Monster! I’m all for voting. Local and national elections, neighborhood board members, work associates, etc. But bottom line………….it’s all fixed.

Recommendation – do an honest one (for your own sanity), then “stuff the ballot” by voting for all Orioles the other 24 times.

Do you all enjoy the smoke and mirrors game of “on-line” voting  and the subsequent bombardment of on-line pop-up advertising, spam and virus laiden web links that invade your computer? How about all those paper ballots you receive at the ballpark? Ten bucks says after you “vote” and turn in your ballot to the usher or “voting box”, the majority of those rectangular computer cards find their way real quick into the recycle bin.

Supposedly the voting is divided up this way: a. (9) starters and (1) “final selection” by the fans, (24) pitchers and second team by players, by peers, coaches and managers. The other caveat, each team must be represented. I do like the each team deal. I like the deception that my vote counts. I just like pulling out my car key and punching out the voting ballot and comparing it with the selections of the people around me.

Baseballs good ole “Midsummer Classic”. How about if we call it major league baseballs “Midsummer Scam”? Or “Midsummers Night Parade of Stars Post Juice”? How about that Home Run Derby spectacle? I wonder if there is any drug testing prior to the Home Run Derby Contest? There’s no needles with performance enhancing supplements being injected into anyones gluteus maximus prior to that testosterone show, now is there? Follow the money.

Voting in April? Just not buying it. It’s degrading to the sport and the fan base. Come on MLB are you that desperate to try and keep fans interested? Give it to Memorial Day Weekend to unleash the scam. At least then, 1/3 of the season has been played and everyone is nestled in recognizing the rising stars and the declining ones. In this screwed up world of commercialism, you have to wonder if the folks that have put out this bogus all-star ballot are the same folks that put up the Christmas decorations in October?

I’m not trying to be “The Pusher” – (Steppenwolf), by swaying you one way or the other. Vote or Not to Vote? Scam or No Scam? Who cares, punch the card out with your son, daughter or friend and compare. It’s what all good baseball fans do ………… June!