All this Gary Thorne talk will make you see red…

April 26, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Since the O’s are struggling, maybe this “sock caper” is a good diversion today.

But, really, who cares?

Look, I’m not calling Gary Thorne a liar.  I don’t know why he chose last night to disclose something that MIGHT have transpired in 2004, but he’s opened up a huge can of worms with his on-air accusation that Curt Schilling painted his sock red in the ’04 playoffs.

It certainly IS old news, painted sock or bloody sock.  It’s not worth re-hashing now, is it?

Here’s why I’m 99% sure Schilling’s sock WAS covered in blood, not paint.

If that had indeed been paint…in an effort to somehow create the image he was “a warrior”…pitching on a bloody ankle…etc….it would have come out long ago.  Think about all the players who have left Boston since that ’04 team.  Damon, Millar, Nixon, Lowe, Arroyo…just to name a few of the BIG names.  Don’t you suppose ONE of those three would have told someone in, say, New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles or Cleveland that Schill “duped everyone into thinking he had blood on his sock back in ’04 when it was really paint”?  After all, he’s evidently not the most well-liked guy in the clubhouse.  Wouldn’t one of his former ‘mates call him out on that now that they’re no longer playing for the same team?  Of course. 

This Thorne-comment-thing really ISN’T a story, except to people in Boston and ESPN, who both must be going through a slow news day.

I believe it was blood.  And I don’t even care, really.

Have a great Thursday.