Are Orioles fans seeing that “MIRAGE” again …..

January 05, 2011 |

With the holidays firmly planted among recent memories, we’re embarking on new beginnings for an array of differing causes. Our vacation calendars and taxable earnings totals are among slates that are wiped clean.

It’s January, which means the Baltimore Ravens are preparing for the most intense stretch of the season …. ACC basketball is becoming meaningful …. and Major League Baseball is disclosing the list of their latest immortals.

Hearing Roberto Alomar’s name mentioned as a Hall Of Famer will be a gratifying moment for many of Baltimore’s baseball fans. But, to be honest, those who love the O’s have much bigger things in mind.

Ushering in a new year means we’re just weeks away from Spring Training …. and a brand new world of renewed optimism. I understand the positive outlook and in some ways, I think the Orioles have improved the ballclub.

That said, after a few dozen phone calls in the past week, I fear Orioles fans are on the brink of falling into a conspicuous trap of recent past campaigns …..

That’s right, call it drinking kool-aid, believing in miracles or perennial hope. But, optimism always runs rampant before baseball season begins.

The truth is the Orioles are comprised of many IFS …..

If this …..

If that …..

If …. If …. If …..