Back in Peter’s arms: When corporate media does business with Orioles the fans lose the truth

February 09, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

for his baseball and stereo for the sound of the coins hitting the floor of his latest media jackpot — pitting two hapless, helpless corporate thugs against each for the rights to a perennial last-place team that hates when you bring up the standings or the score on the postgame show.

Hurray for those upscale Hearst warriors, now boasting the rights to both of Baltimore’s gem franchises!

But, honestly, how long will that last with the WBAL sales team pitting orange vs. purple – the ugliest color combination in Angelos’ greedy mind?

The story playing out behind the scenes is one borne more of desperation than inspiration for a dying medium that no one can seem to monetize the way we used to before that pesky internet invention came along.

Sponsorship and proof that the advertising dollars are actually returning profits on the investment are the hardest measurements in the world for anyone in the radio business. I’m not an expert about much but I’ve been doing this radio business thing since the 1980s and the internet is where the future lies and broadcasting games on radio only begs the question that everyone runs from: how many people are really listening and how many pizzas or cars sold will that equate to the next day or week?

What we do at on the internet works because it converts business and proves results. We’re the best value in town and most importantly, we always give you the truth about Baltimore sports because we can.

WBAL Radio just committed the same sin they made five years ago, when as “Baltimore’s news leader” they eschewed reporting on a Free The Birds protest from 2,000 people at Orioles game heard quite loudly on their own airwaves to appease King Peter. And they still lost the rights to CBS Radio two weeks later, despite protecting the Orioles from all criticism as the team sludged through yet another last place effort in the AL East.

So, now you get yet another willing, desperate partner in WBAL taking money from King Angelos to “tell it like it is, but keep your opinions to yourself.”

That’s not my quote, it’s his. As Steven Tyler once sang: “Just push play!”

I attended the Orioles Fan Fest two weeks ago at the Baltimore Convention Center. I had a great time chasing Ethan Forrester through the throngs of orange faithful. I didn’t pay $15 for any autographs but I did sign a few for free and I was heartened by how kind so many people were to me and how most people understand that I stand on the side of righteousness amidst the tyranny of the Orioles and Angelos’ uncanny ability to abuse