Bob Ryan: Olympics would be better off in Boston

August 15, 2016 | WNST Staff

Legendary Boston media personality Bob Ryan caught up with Nestor this week to discuss the Olympics, the American League East pennant race, and more!

On the Olympics, Bob Ryan wasn’t holding back with his thoughts on the 2016 games taking place in Rio.

“I have very mixed feelings about the Olympics,” Ryan said. “I love the Olympics, I’m on record strongly as being a big Olympic booster, but not this time, and I think we’re finding out the reasons why.”

“The competition has been spectacular, and we have so much great stuff to talk about with the competition, but it’s not the whole story with Rio.”

As for a better alternative than Rio? Bob was clear in his belief that his hometown would have been a perfect fit for the 2016 games.

“I firmly believe that Boston would have been a fabulous site for the Olympics,” Ryan said.

To hear Nestor’s entire conversation with Bob Ryan, listen here: