BORING … let’s move on … waste of time

December 13, 2007 |

The long awaited Mitchell report … MUST SEE TV … it was IRAN-CONTRA for those that are old enough to remember. What a waste of time …

The report could have been one page … how about this …

There are many major league baseball players over the past 15 years or so that have bought, taken and administered steroids and HGH, it’s a problem that MLB, the owners and the players’ association allowed to happen. All parties must work together to rid baseball of these enhancement drugs so the past is not repeated and once again bring honor to America’s game.

But NOOOOOOOOOO … we had to name names … two-thirds of the players named we have never heard of and the other one-third we either already knew or suspected.

Roger Clemens … shocking … come on people!

This report is a joke … because you named so few MLB players and the many of the people named are no longer playing or dead … now the debate of who did and who didn’t will continue …

Sorry, color me disappointed.

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