Do we REALLY still blame Mike Mussina for leaving Baltimore?

March 29, 2012 | Peter Dilutis

First of all, Mussina was nothing but a success story in Baltimore. He was the ace that this team has never really had since he left. The Orioles were also a team that was coming off very successful runs in 1996 and 1997, and that carried over to Mussina’s last three years when the O’s were still near the top of the American League in attendance.

The organization had money in 2000, but the owner felt like lowballing his best pitcher.

The Yankees showed him the money. They showed him the love. And ultimately, they rescued him from an awful situation.

I can’t imagine that any of you who I’ve heard say that Mike Mussina shouldn’t be in the Orioles Hall of Fame wouldn’t have made the same career move if given the opportunity.

Would you have taken 25% less money to stay with the 10th best company (out of 14) in the marketplace when number one was giving you the full-court press?

Would those of you who have called WNST or tweeted us or blogged on numerous sites that Mussina always will be a traitor take 40K to stay at Walmart if Macy’s was offering 75K? Even if you really loved Walmart and desperately wanted to stay?

Come on. Please stay! We’ll even give you a week paid vacation.

Nah…probably wouldn’t happen, would it? Didn’t think so.

This isn’t like Joe Flacco hypothetically leaving the Ravens after eight seasons and going to play for the Steelers. Assuming Steve Bisciotti and some combination of Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, Dick Cass, and John Harbaugh are still running the team four years from now, we COULD blame Joe Flacco for that. We could say that he turned his back on the city of Baltimore and went to play for their bitter, most hated rival.

But Mussina? Come on. The Yankees haven’t even been a rival at any point during these 14 seasons. The Orioles have been a bad team. The Yankees have been an elite team. That’s the bottom line here folks.

Let’s honor Mike Mussina this year when he gets inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame. Let’s honor one of the greatest Orioles pitchers to ever put on the Orange and Black.

Please, I hope we don’t make this into something that it’s not. Mike Mussina did not wrong the city of Baltmore or the Baltimore Orioles.

The Baltimore Orioles wronged Mike Mussina.