Don’t Blame Me …..

February 17, 2009 |

These were the very words uttered by Bud Selig, during an interview with Newsday, on Monday afternoon.  Well, if we’re not supposed to blame Selig, who do we blame?


I’ve got news for Mr. Selig – he’s the guy who was in charge when HELL arrived with basket in hand.  Major League Baseball’s strange odyssey from clean, wholesome sport to a sordid mess has been overseen by Bud Selig, and that’s the blunt truth. 


Who else can you blame?  Doesn’t anyone realize the guy in charge has to answer for things subordinates do?  Selig’s resistance to accepting blame and not allowing a new administration to truly change the environment is as sickening as drug use, itself.


In the interview, Selig concedes to consulting with “baseball men he knew and trusted.”  This group included Yankees GM, Brian Cashman.  Are you kidding me?  What is Cashman’s daily motive?  Does he want to win OR does he want a clean, legal game?  Only one motive will save his job – you can bet on that.


Hearing Bud Selig say “don’t blame me,” is worse than anything Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire of Barry Bonds can do.  Let’s not forget, A’Rod, McGwire and Bonds corrupted the game directly under Selig’s nose.


On the Sunday Morning Blitz, I posed the following question, “In the next three years, if the American economy worsens, our role in Iraq gets murkier and gas prices hit five bucks, who will pay the price?”  The answer?  You got it – President Obama.  And, this is rightful.


What excuses Bud Selig from the wrath of change?  Why does he deserve a pass when LEADERS in other sects and businesses take the fall for similarly strained problems that plague the integrity of an organization.


As Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Selig is netting more than $15 million, per year.  Funny, we chastise some players for making such money.  Yet, are we supposed to negate this exuberant amount of pay – for a guy who doesn’t do his job?


Let’s look at the things Bud Selig should accomplish …..


Create a balanced competitive scale.  Hmmm ….. wanna bet where the Royals, Pirates, Nationals, Rangers and Marlins finish this year?


Ensure an affordable product for consumers.  Prices/values on EVERYTHING has dropped over the past couple years – make Peter Angelos, Hank Steinbrenner and John Henry adjust accordingly.


Enforce a “drug free” environment within the game.  It’s simple – you get caught – you’re GONE.


Bud Selig has FAILED to deliver on any of the above listed criteria.  So, I’m begging to know ….. what does he do?  How does he earn $15 million, per year?  How is Major League Baseball a better product, because of him – rather than IN SPITE of him?


The sobering truth is Bud Selig is responsible for drug use and the steroid era.  The reason is simple – offenders don’t fear him.  He’s the HMFIC and there comes a responsibility and dominance with such a job.  Bud Selig is, in fact, an enabler.


Should a leader be respected?  You bet.  Should they be liked?  You hope.  Should they be feared?  YES.  A leader enforces the rules and punishes those who dare to cross them.  Bud Selig doesn’t carry a big stick – he carries a wagging finger and declares, “it’s not my fault.”


We all know this ….. Bud Selig is WEAK.  He’s not a leader.  How do we really know?  A real LEADER and a true commissioner would’ve looked the newsday reporter in the eye and said, “BLAME ME.”


This is exactly what Ronald Reagan would’ve done …….