Duquette sings same old, tired, unaccountable tune for King Peter

November 09, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

Dan Duquette, Buck Showalter

& The News American) — there’s a lotta f***ing questions this city and its citizens SHOULD be asking the people who run the franchise.
Joe Flacco wins the biggest regular-season game in franchise history in Pittsburgh on a Sunday night and he STILL gets criticized all day on Monday and somehow Peter Angelos has summarily destroyed this city’s baseball team, traditions and joy and no one says a freaking word.
This issue – and the surrounding shame that a city full of Red Sox and Yankees fans bring every spring and summer when they take over our stadium and city — disgraces me, personally, for anyone who truly has a shred of Baltimore civic pride or dignity.
And as an American, you should start asking questions of your leaders when the media is being banned, barred and attacked for simply holding the richest and most influential people in the culture accountable for their leadership.
I’ve got a little tent city erected six blocks from the front doors of my heavily taxed property in the center of Baltimore City. Our local government is headed the same direction as Peter Angelos’ grip on the testicles of everyone in the city in regard to his intentions with the franchise.
There is no doubt or denying that the Orioles’ demise has destroyed downtown businesses in the summer in Baltimore.
Yet no one ever gets to ask Peter Angelos a legitimate question.
And no one ever questions how one set of reporters gets to ask the questions and others are banned from press conferences.
Every January, we in the Baltimore sports media line up 10-deep and pepper Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti with legitimate questions. And sometimes he leaves that press conference very angry with me. I ask him tough questions. I talk about real issues with him when I do get the rare chance to communicate with him.
He SHOULD be accountable and he is. And sometimes it REALLY pisses him off. And honestly, I think he should give WNST.net & our community the same “sit down” he routinely grants Jamison Hensley who makes the trip to the NFL Owners Meetings each year and is granted an “exclusive” set of questions on behalf of The Baltimore Sun while I watch from the balcony.
But, in general, Bisciotti opens the floor, takes on all-comers and no one is summarily ignored like Luke Jones was on Tuesday afternoon waving his hands like Arnold Horshack and the sweathogs from Mr. Kotter’s class.
It’s a disgrace that after 14 years of losing and five years of last place and another sweeping change in management, Peter Angelos wasn’t there to answer questions. And it’s a disgrace that Monica Barlow oversaw this sham

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  1. barnyard Says:

    I didn’t invent this phrase but it sure bears repeating in this case. The definition of stupidity is making the same gaffes & screw ups over & over again & expecting a different result. The new Shill Duquette has about as much chance of improving the Orioles as I do of taking pants off a bare ass. Danny boy needed a job & the $$, Peter Angelos needed someone to take the heat. End of story. Same ole same ole.

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Same old s$$t different year. Whoever heard of a owner not showing up for a change of management. Hes a chicken…..buck….buck……buck…!

  3. Franchise Says:


    It was Andy MacFAILURE’s proclamation when hired, “Playoffs in 2011”.

    Now it’s Dan Duquette’s pontification, “This Team will be a Contender”.

    My questions if I had a media pass would have been the following:

    What is your major league club player payroll threshold???
    Would you actively persue free agent Albert Pujols???
    Would you actively persue free agent CJ Wilson???
    Would you actively persue free agent Papelbon???


    Tampa Bay Rays Compete in the AL East

  4. jpetrosino Says:

    We all know Angelos only wants our money, so why not ask the real question to Comcast for paying Angelo the $3/month privilage to have MASN in their line-up for every sunscriber? With the lack of fan interest in the O’s, who needs who more — Comcast or MASN?… MASN of course. If I was running Comcast, I would tell Angelos no more surcharge for MASN, survive on your advertising or you can take you business elsewhere. MASH has no value add at this point.

  5. Chas Carlson Says:

    To Barnyard, the quote is not stupidity is defined by that, its insanity, and that might fit even better to describe Peter Angelos! The O’s are in shambles and its pathetic to watch any tidbit of news about them

  6. Delando Says:

    Did you really think that this hire would be any different than the rest? The Orioles will never change until there is a new owner. Until then, stop the whining about what they are or are not doing. They are who we think they are. When no shows up at the OPACY we all know why, THEY STINK!

  7. bobp Says:

    It would be nice when the Orioles hold the next press conference and no one showed up since there is nothing to see or hear in the last 14 years.

  8. Ballmer Bruce Says:

    As an Oriole fan for 53 years I have run out of was to express my frustration in writing. I still love baseball and I will still watch the Orioles on MLB.tv but I will not watch them play the Yankees or the Red Sox. Just not a level playing field. No excuse for the Orioles until they can at least pass by Toronto or Tampa but baseball needs a salary cap so that is not a surety that either the Yanks or Red Sox if not both are in the playoffs every year. And Selig wants another wild card team so as to insure that there is a 95% chance that both of these teams will be in the playoffs every year.

  9. John Says:

    Nestor since you hate the baseball team so bad stop writing about it, even when they won in 1983 you were mlove with the phillies

  10. Matt Says:

    Orioles could win if they tried to win. Salary cap is only another excuse for apologists to hide behind. Last two world series winners? Giants and Cardinals. Quick, name the power hitting third baseman for each?

    Orioles try to piece-meal a starting lineup together every year from bottom dollar free-agents; there is no consistency in the overall team chemistry from year to year. We haven’t had a consistent duo up the middle since Tejada and Roberts were juicin up. This team needs to bring in some young studs (Prince Fielder) and build a farm system by aggressively targeting quality college prospects and international players.

    Forget about spring training, it’s time for spring cleaning. New coaches, new scouts, new players. “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” doesn’t apply in baseball. Go make the team better.

  11. tsnamm Says:

    @Matt AMEN! A spring cleaning…I agree wholeheartedly, this organization is 2nd rate from top to bottom. The pitching was dead last, we have few if any desirable minor league players to bring up or trade, as most of them especially the pitchers, are already on the Major League roster doing nothing.And the idea that the Orioles either have no money and or can’t compete unless there is a salary cap are sad excuses from people who accept losing.The Orioles have one of the most lucrative LSN’s in the country and simply pocket the money, Salary cap? Never gonna happen. Besides how do you explain the Rays and Twins for example, non major market teams with middle of the road payrolls, who are consistently in the playoffs? Angelos couldn’t care less and the media around this town is complicit in the losing. Just awful.

  12. tsnamm Says:

    There are a number big name free agents good enough to build a team around…think they’re gonna offer them a contract? Albert Pujols? Prince Fielder? Jose Reyes? Please,when they make a run at talents like these I’ll believe they want to “turn things around” or “compete”,otherwise its business as usual.

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