Filling Oriole Park Has Nothing To Do With Fans

August 29, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

The only good reason to buy season tickets would be because as a season ticket holder you’d get priority on playoff tickets and other potential perks. Clearly that hasn’t been a concern for Orioles fans over the last decade or so, and whether it’ll be a concern beyond this year remains to be seen. The fans weren’t chased away from OPACY overnight, and they won’t be gotten back overnight either.

In order for the Orioles to sell more tickets, in advance and on game day, they’ll first need to sell more season tickets. Again my best guess is that they’ll do so by convincing local businesses and businessmen to buy them first. That was where the lion’s share of tickets were being sold in the heyday of baseball at Oriole Park.


If they’re able to establish that base they’ll create scarcity. By creating scarcity they’ll compel “regular fans” to invest in season ticket packages and/or mini-plans because they’ll no longer be able to walk up on the day of the game, surcharge or not, and get the seats they want. “Regular fans” will also buy in to the need to purchase these packages if they believe the team could make the playoffs, and further believe that to be the only way they’ll get playoff tickets.


Therefore, as long as tickets remain abundant and easy to get, they’ll continue to un-bought. Selling more tickets before the season begins will make those tickets less abundant and more difficult to get therefore encouraging more fans to get in when they can or to commit to games that they otherwise wouldn’t have, in order to insure that they can be at the games they want. Unfortunately that won’t happen by doing anything to cater to “regular fans”. It’ll be done instead, by making it more difficult for those fans to get tickets in the first place.


Simple right?