Fresh arms come to the Orioles in a great trade

July 02, 2013 | Jeffrey Gilley

Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop, out. Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger in.

This is a great trade for both parties. Arrieta gets a change of scenery which he desperately needed. He has potential but hasn’t put it all together with a 5.4 career ERA. That number has risen to 7.23 in 2013 in five starts.

Arrieta is only 27 so I hope he can turn his career around in a different environment with different coaching. Arrieta was simply too inconsistent with his time in Baltimore. Flashes of solid pitching was shown but he struggled to keep a spot in the rotation.

Speaking of inconsistency, Pedro Strop is also headed to Chicago. Strop is also relatively young and was a solid player for the Orioles in 2012. Strop finished with a 2.4 ERA but like Arrieta, that number has leaped above seven in 2013.

Feldman is a veteran player with a lot of experience. He is an upgrade over Britton and brings another leader to the lineup along with Hammel. Feldman wont be at the top of the order but he will be able to eat innings late in the rotation.

If Wei-Yen Chan comes back to the lineup and play up to his potential, the Orioles rotation can be good enough to make a deep postseason run. While they may not have an ace, the offense is too good. Also don’t forget the Orioles recent success in close games. Their strong mental fortitude and top notch offense should be enough to make a strong postseason appearance.