Friday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

March 06, 2009 |

The Swinging Bunt

Baltimore v. Disney?  Great read here, folks.  This season the O’s will be giving away free game tickets during the month of their birthday at OPACY for anyone who registers their special date with the team.  This happens to be an old famous Disney trick to keep the turnstiles spinning.  Now, Sports By Brooks takes a fascinating look at where would you rather go for your free birthday vacation, Baltimore or Disney?  I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely take one of those ‘failed Oriole starters’ home with me as a birthday gift, having a real big-league pitcher to hang out with, that’d be pretty cool.  I’m clearly verrrry liberal on what I consider a “real big-league pitcher.”

Stealing from a Ripken?  The man who gave us the best baseball card in the history of ever is now out $400 in cash and a credit card.  Yesterday during the USA WBC Team’s game, U.S. Coaches, Billy Ripken and Mel Stottlemyre were both victims of having their wallets stolen right from out of the clubhouse lockers.  Clearly, whoever committed the heist is not from the greater Baltimore, Maryland area… because everyone here knows… you don’t mess with the Ripkens!

Those damn Yankees!  Jeez man, they’re at it again!  The New York Yankees are always looking for that competitive advantage, and this time they’ve really gone overboard.  Courtesy ESPN, all day yesterday they ran the headline on their main news feed of the world wide leaders’ website, “Yanks closer Rivera throws off mound.”  Wow, really Earth shattering news there.  Yanks spend $200M!  A-Rod’s juicing!  Mariano’s throwing from an elevated mound to hitters!  Nooo Waaay!

Scanning the Blogosphere

Pro Football 24×7:  “Ozzie Newsome not yet finished with Free Agency.”

Camden Chat has set up a historical MLB 2K9 Tournament featuring 16 different squads to determine the best team in Baltimore’s baseball history.  They will simulate the bracket through 7 games series’ on the video game and come up with a winner.  Check it it very informative and interesting… the #1 seed is ‘The Dukes of Earl’ the 1970, 108 win, World Series Champions.

Baltimore Sports Report takes a look back 12 years to 1997, the last year the Orioles had a winning season.  It was so long ago, Seinfeld was still #1 on the tube, everyone and their mother was going to see Titanic, and 95% of Americans still don’t not own a PC.

Tirico Suave has a timeline of the long going negotiations between Ned Colletti and Manny Ramirez in photos and also a couple videos of what the Ravens and Baltimore fans will miss with Bart Scott now a former member of the Purple and Black.

Birds Watcher lists their Top-10 Hitters and Top-10 Pitchers in the farm system.  You may have guessed Matt Wieters heads the hitters’ list, while Chris Tillman is the #1 rated pitching prospect.

Around the Harbor has their “First Thoughts on spring Training.”

Dempsey’s Army says at least the O’s will be better than the Blue Jays and gives their reasons why.

CMS Video of the Morning

You may or may not have heard by now, but the other night at Comcast Center, perhaps the best prank ever went down

If it’s not the best, this one might be

The wild thing is that those are the same dudes, two employees, one getting after the other.  The guy who got pranked at Yankee Stadium organized the prank in College Park.  And the other guy vise versa.  Hilarious.

The Morning’s Final Thought

Which T-Shirt would you rather have?

The Original Fab 4:

Or… the future of Oriole Baseball, the new Fab 4:

Easy choice.