Get Money – What Are You Waiting For?

May 11, 2009 | Thyrl Nelson

There’s plenty of money to be had, right here at, in each of 3 fantasy games, and still a great chance for you to claim your share of it, even if you’re not yet signed up.


It’s Monday, meaning that it’s time to get your fantasy baseball lineups in. For some, this is already an exercise in futility, as the teams that they’ve drafted have already fallen out of contention. Not to worry, there’s a fresh chance at a new beginning waiting for you at


I play in lots of leagues, from private leagues with friends, to the games hosted by the major, national sports sites. The biggest difference in playing here, is that your chances of winning money are much better. Instead of competing against hundreds of thousands of players, here at, the competition pool is much smaller, thereby increasing your chances of walking away with the cash. More importantly, since the prize money is going out to the highest single week score, one bad week can’t kill your chances, and your odds of winning now are still very good.


Fantasy Baseball


You can sign up for WNST and’s fantasy baseball by clicking here.


Signing up will only take a few minutes of your time, and picking a lineup is easy. There’s no pitching to consider (especially nice for O’s fans) and you only have to change your lineup once per week. Or, if you’d like, you can set a lineup today and leave it intact for the whole season. Either way, one big week could land you in the money. 


It’s a salary cap game, so you just pick 8 position players and 1 DH, and make sure they fit under the $72 million salary cap. You can also get some bonus points by picking 1 pro scout player per week. If that player bets more than 40 fantasy points, you’ll get a bonus for your team. The other cool thing about this version of fantasy baseball is that you’ll want to give some thought to stacking your lineup. Players get different point values for their achievements based on where you hit them in your lineup. You’ll get more points for stolen bases at the top of the lineup, and more for power in the middle of the lineup. has put up $1250 in cash for 1st prize, $750 for second prize and $500 for third. Additionally, there are lots of other great sponsor gift certificates being paid out all the way down to 10th place. The best part for you, is that right now there are less than 200 teams entered. You have to like your odds against a pool that small.


Here are the leaders so far, and therefore the single week scores that you’ll need to beat to get into the money. Congrats to the leaders so far:

1st – Glickster – 1042 pts.

2nd – Drooling Madd Cows – 1030 pts.

3rd – The Schweaty Long Balls – 992 pts.


Fantasy NASCAR


You can sign up for WNST and’s fantasy NASCAR by clicking here.


Fantasy NASCAR is even easier than fantasy baseball. Signing up is the same, and so is the prize money and distribution. And again the money is going to the highest single week scorers, so it’s not too late to get your claim in.


Just like in baseball, you can change your lineup every week, or leave it the same for the season, and see what happens. You don’t even have to care about racing to fill out an entry, and you may be pleasantly surprised when you win. You may also be surprised to find that the races are quite interesting, especially if you have a stake in the outcome.


To win here, you simply predict the top ten finishers for the week’s race. You’ll get 100 points for every driver who you successfully predict in the top 10, and additional bonus points for predicting the exact finish of any driver. You don’t have to watch racing to know who’s good in NASCAR, just pick the names you know. Or you could simply pick your favorite numbers if you’d like, like the lottery. Here again, you have to like your odds. There are less than 350 people playing right now.


Here are the leaders so far, and therefore the single week scores that you’ll need to beat to get into the money. Congrats to the leaders so far:

1st – Broham’s – 1175 pts.

2nd – Mervin901 – 965 pts.

3rd – Benvenga Motor Sports – 899 pts.


Fantasy Golf


You can sign up for WNST and’s fantasy golf by clicking here.


Golf is set up almost exactly like NASCAR. The prize money and distribution are again the same, and again the money is going to the highest one week scorers. As in NASCAR, here you pick your predicted top ten finishers for each week’s events. You’ll get 100 points for everyone in the top ten, and bonus points for any exact finishes you successfully predict.


This one just launched, so it’s way too early to post the leaders, but with less than 100 players signed up, now is the time to go get money.