Great news on a Monday? Angelos could be priming Orioles for sale …..

January 17, 2011 |

It’s pretty fitting that Baltimore is blanketed by a grey, dingy skyline to begin the first Monday of the Ravens offseason, huh? If nothing else, it kinda sums up how most of us are feeling …..

Losing to the Steelers is a horrible reality that’s becoming way too common for those of us who love football. But, blowing a commanding lead, enroute to losing the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR is one of the bitterest defeats in franchise history.

It’s created a hangover lasting a couple days …..

But, fear not, I may have some very optimistic words for the Baltimore sports fan. And, it regards the city’s “OTHER” pro sports franchise …..

According to celeb-O’s fan, Roy Firestone, he received some possible inside information that indicated Peter Angelos might be readying the Orioles for a sale to local investors. Better yet, the group is supposedly headed by Cal Ripken.

On Saturday night, Firestone attended an event with Orioles greats, such as Brooks and Frank Robinson. The event provided Firestone with his information on the possible upcoming sale of the ballclub.

Firestone has been quick to point out his “source” is confidential. However, he has also identified this same source as one of credibility in past dealings – and, one who has the connections to know such information.

But, don’t get ready for any transition to happen soon …..

According to Firestone’s source, the sale is supposed to be consummated within the next two years. Of course, such a period of time can lead to many hurdles, detours and dead ends. But, it’s still comforting to hear such a transition of ownership might be in the works.

In all honesty, I can envision such a situation. I don’t think any of us really doubts Peter Angelos’ love for Baltimore. We know he’s aging and probably approaching that time in life where his impending future must be planned out. And, we’ve heard his sons are not intimately involved in the operations of the ballclub.

Why not sell it to someone who can be entrusted to do the right thing – and usher the franchise in the proper direction? It makes sense to me. Regardless of how the Orioles have languished under the Angelos ownership, he must be mindful of the team’s ultimate ownership by an entity other than himself.

Hey, if nothing else, Roy Firestone’s news gives us something to talk about – other than Saturday’s loss, in Pittsburgh.

I’ll talk to you, this afternoon @ 2pm …..