Hall of Fame Debate

April 14, 2008 |

Today, I’m starting a three part series of current players who are Hall of Fame worthy.

Today, I’ll start with MLB. Don’t look for Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza, because they aren’t on anyone’s rosters.

Here it is, 15 players who are worthym and a list of five who are conspicuous by their absence.

– Alex Rodriguez – Nine Silver Slugger Award with over 500 homeruns and a career batting average over .300.

– Derek Jeter – Eight All-Star appearances and four World Series titles. The most recognizable figure on the most recognizable team.

– Manny Ramirez – Manny being many mean a career .313 average with over 2220 career hits.

– Ivan Rodriguez – The best all around hitter of his generation. Well over 2000 hits.

– Vladimir Guerrero – .320 career average with over 2000 hits. Never played on a very popular team.

– Ichiro Suzuki – The best and most popular Japanese born player. .333 career average and already over 1600 hits.

– Greg Maddox – May be the best pitcher of his generation. 350 wins, over 3000 k’s and less than 1000 walks.

– Chipper Jones – The best third baseman of his generation. The best offensive player of the Braves National League dynasty.

– Tom Glavine – Over 300 wins and the second best lefty of his era.

– Pedro Martinez – Not a 300 wins guy, but he dominated the NL and AL for seven years.

– Billy Wagner – 2.40 era and over 350 saves. Had eight years of over 30 saves.

– Albert Pujols – Only Manny and A-Rod are better right handed hitters. Over 280 homeruns already.

– Ken Griffey, Jr. – .290 batting average, 590 homeruns, and 13 All-Star appearances.

– Randy Johnson – The most dominant lefty of his generation. 14 times over 200 innings. Six times over 300 k’s. 4600 career k’s.

– Jeff Kent – 360+ homeruns and career .290 average are better than Joe Morgan.

Conspicuous by their absence

– Mike Mussina – He has great numbers but so does Don Sutton and he shouldn’t be in the Hall. He was never considered GREAT.

– Jim Thome – Tremendous homerun numbers, but represents the current 500 homerun club. Very one dimensional.

– Roy Halladay – If he stays healthy, he has Hall of Fame stuff.

– Gary Sheffield – .295, 480 homeruns and 2500 hits may not be good enough.

– Jason Isringhausen – Has a lot of saves, but 3.50 era means he wasn’t dominant.

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