Instant Relay?

July 16, 2008 |

First, the words, “That baseball game was too long,” will never be said by me. There’s no such thing.

With that in mind, last nights All-Star game should have ended, twice, in the 11th inning.

Now, I know the baseball purist are going to come out and debate what I have to say, but it’s your right. That’s why we have a “comment” option for our blogs.

Last night was proof of why baseball should have instant replay for calls at a base/plate.

Ian Kinsler singles to lead off the 11th. He goes to second on a pitch-out. Russell Martin throws to second. Miguel Tejada catches the ball and makes a “sweeping” motion through the bag. While watching it on television, it looked as if Tejada missed the tag. As Fox showed the replay, it was obvious Tejada missed the tag. This was a perfect time for instant replay.

Later in that inning, Michael Young delivers a ground ball hit to center. Dioner Navarro, who was on second, attempts to score to end the game. The throw from Nate McLouth is on the mark. Martin fields the short hop and applies the tag. It, once again appeared the umpire got the call wrong. It looked as if Navarro reached the plate before the tag was applied.

Today, there’s going to be lots of debate about last night’s game. The debates will probably center around issues like, the game was too long, the game shouldn’t count, the rosters should be extended for situations like this, etc. Those are all valid arguments.

However, technology has allowed us the opportunity to “get it right.” I guess if I’m not a purist, that makes me radical, but why would you want to get it wrong for the sake of “preserving the game’s integrity?” Seems like, to me, bad calls that help decide games kill the game’s integrity. Especially when you have the ability to “get it right.”