Jose Canseco mentions Peter Angelos in his new book

April 10, 2008 |

So today I started reading Jose Canseco’s new book Vindicated. While reading the first chapter of the book, I came across the name of Peter Angelos.

Now to set this up, Jose is talking about how in the first book he had written a chapter about Roger Clemens, but was not allowed to publish it. He also talks about how he had done interviews on television and talked about Roger Clemens, but it never aired.

So Jose was convinced that someone was covering for Roger and making sure nothing came out about him. So to add credence to the theory of people covering for Roger, he had this to say starting on page 21 of his book and continuing onto page 22:

“I had been told that Peter Angleos, owner of the Baltimore Orioles, had written a scathing letter to HarperCollins, threatening to sue everyone associated with the book, and their grandmothers, if they included Palmeiro’s name in my book. In a previous incarnation, Angelos had been a much-feared Baltimore litigator, but HarperCollins wasn’t afraid of him or of the threatened lawsuit, and Palmeiro’s name was left in the book, just as I had written it.”

Jose goes on to allege that he believes, and admits it is a conspiracy theory, that MLB knew Palmerio had tested positive for steroids before he testified before Congress.

Jose thinks that baseball wanted Palmeiro to go to Congress and do the famous finger wagging act to make fans believe that anything Jose was saying was a lie and to shoot down any credibility anyone might have thought Jose had.

Remember people did not really start believing what Jose was saying or think there was any substance to it, until after Palmerio’s failed drug test was made public.


I have to admit, I can not put Jose’s book down. It is such an interesting read.

I will write another blog after I am finished with the book, but thought the part about Angelos was a pretty telling item and something that I had not heard anything about.