MobTown Sport Beat Pop Quiz

May 21, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson


Question 4: LeBron James is the best player in the world.


Emphatically true – His performance on Sunday should have cemented that, but until he wins a title most will hold back the accolades. That said anyone starting a team tomorrow and given the choice of any player that wouldn’t take LeBron would likely come to regret it very quickly. LeBron just isn’t the killer that Michael Jordan was and Kobe Bryant is, he immerses himself in the team concept, and somehow as we clamor for that from so many others in so many different sports in James we see it as an indictment. James has all of the passing flair of a high-level point guard, he endeavored to improve his post game last off-season and is already one of the best in the league at that. He carries the Heat’s second unit (especially in playoff games) while playing 44 or so minutes per night and we wonder why he has nothing left to finish games with. Without Bosh, it seems unlikely the Heat will get over that hump again this year, and thus we’ll continue to look for others we claim to be better than the self proclaimed king and we’ll be wrong.


I heard a lot about the performance of Magic Johnson in the 1980 playoffs, manning 5 different positions en route to a title. I’m too young to have actually remembered or appreciated it, but in hearing the legend and playing it in my mind, it looked an awful lot like James performance on Sunday.



Question 5: If the Orioles stay in the race, we’re likely to see Dylan Bundy in 2012.


False – I almost didn’t include this one, as I thought we had already succumbed to the notion that we won’t be seeing Bundy under any circumstances in 2012. I’m still there, but based on some of the responses I’ve gotten, others don’t seem so convinced. While he’s been dazzling (to hear and read about) Bundy is still getting stretched out and acclimated to pitching as a pro. It’s fair to assume that the Orioles already have Bundy’s timeline charted though this season and next and innings alone will mean the end of Bundy’s season long before September and the expansion of the rosters. It seems that regardless of success or failure moving forward this season, it’d be unlikely that Bundy even makes Double A before the beginning of next season. I’d look at the middle of May or June 2013 as the earliest we can hope to see Bundy in the majors and even that might be a year too far on the ambitious side of the argument.


Here’s the caveat I’ll throw in though, and I’ll await the backlash that’s sure to follow. Given the legend that Bundy is making for himself thus far, and especially given the difficulties that the Orioles have had in seeing through the development of young star pitchers might trading Bundy be in the O’s best interest before long? Maybe they could get an arm or two for the rotation this year, maybe a couple of higher level lower ceiling prospects to continue the business of stocking the farm system. It’s easy to get caught up in the Bundy euphoria but betting the farm on pitchers who are dazzling in A-ball has never been a safe practice in baseball, and these are still the Orioles we’re talking about.