MobTown Sports Beat Wednesday Over / Under

February 29, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Wednesday marks the midway point in the workweek for most, and whether your week is halfway in the books or half is still remaining likely depends on your own inherent levels of optimism or pessimism. In that spirit we’re offering 10 over/under propositions relative to ongoing or upcoming sports news. Toward the end, you’ll see a Mark Reynolds theme developing, there are plenty of good questions about what to expect from him this season.



Homeruns for Ryan Braun in 2012…over/under 25.5


Braun’s post-PED allegation numbers will likely be the truest barometer of where public opinion ultimately falls in regard to his overturned steroids suspension. Braun’s worst season in homeruns was 2010 where he hit 25. Braun’s best single season homerun total was 37 in 2008, and in last year’s MVP campaign he hit 33. My thoughts on the allegations, along with the pressure Braun will likely feel to put up big numbers for his critics have me feeling like the under is the safest bet here.



Games Dwight Howard has left with the Orlando Magic…over/under 7.5


The Magic has 9 games left before the March 15th trade deadline, so the easy number is 9.5. Under if you think he’ll go and over if you think he’ll stay. We’re making it 7.5 to allow for some thought. Let’s see what the market has to offer and when. Something tells me the Howard dam is about to break and he’ll be headed for LA before the weekend is over, so give me the under here.



Terps Basketball Wins in what’s left of 2012…over/under 1.5


Safe money suggests not to expect much from the Terps with regular season dates remaining against Carolina and Virginia plus who knows what in the ACC Tourney. Whether or not they’ll get any opportunities beyond those 3 depends obviously on how well they do in them. Ever the optimist when it comes to these Terps, I’ll take the over in this one anyway.



Brian Roberts Games Played in 2012…over/under 50


The tale of Brian Roberts is devolving into a sad one indeed. At present there seems to be no expectation (from the fans at least) that Roberts will have much to offer the Orioles anytime soon or possibly ever. Injuries limited Roberts to 39 games in 2011 and 59 games in 2010. The under on 50 games seems like a gimme, so I’ll take it.



Orioles wins in 2012…over/under 62.5


Most seem resigned to the notion that this team isn’t even as good as last year’s iteration, which stumbled to 69 wins amidst modest expectations. The O’s won 66 games in 2010 and 64 in 2009. Their low water mark during the 14-year run of ongoing futility is 63 wins in 2001, and 54 wins in 1988 is the O’s worst total ever. Sixty-two and a half is simply asking whether the O’s could lose 100 games. Reluctantly I’ll keep them in the upper-mid-sixties and take the over here.