Monday Ledge Watch

February 27, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Monday means it’s time to take a look at the ledge. It’s where fans wind up when great expectations are met with poor performances, that purgatory where the temperature is always rising and the sky is always falling. Let’s take a look at the ledge to see who’s taking up occupancy this week:




Randy Moss


Moss still isn’t feeling the love from NFL teams and it appears that the urgency of his situation might be getting the best of him. How else do you explain Moss’ upping the ante regarding his return by volunteering to play for no guaranteed money?


There are suddenly lots of guys, in lots of sports, who once upon a time didn’t have the time or patience to deal with the accolades and fan attention brought on by their prolific athleticism, who are now feeling differently. Guys like Moss and Terrell Owens, Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas in basketball, even Manny Ramirez in Major League Baseball are all now suddenly seeming to realize just how good they had it when they failed to appreciate the opportunities at hand, and now after seeing their respective leagues move on without them, these guys are suddenly pining for the attention that they once upon a time begrudged. Moss and others of his ilk now suddenly seem desperate for one last shot at the big stage before it’s all too late.


Maybe seeing TO having to toil in the world of Indoor Football has given Moss additional motivation or opportunity for urgency. Whatever the reason, Moss is clearly desperate now for the attention and opportunities he until recently couldn’t seem to be bothered to have to deal with.



The Lakers


Everywhere you look in LA the signs of change are evident. Lakers fans, and some disinterested observers are beginning to wonder whether these Lakers will make a big splash move ahead of the trade deadline and the stretch run to the playoffs as they sit currently tied for 5th in the Western Conference and firmly behind their roommate Clippers.


Pau Gasol is on the trade block and apparently crumbling under the pressure, and owner Jimmy Buss seems determined to show Kobe Bryant (apparently without telling him directly) exactly who’s in charge. Instead of getting real value for Gasol, the Lakers seem to be content to settle on dumping Gasol for Jameer Nelson or Raymond Felton, without making up for the lack of Gasol in the front court.


The addition of Mike Brown as the coach all but insures that Kobe is coaching the team, but his pull with the front office seems all but gone in the Jimmy Buss regime. And the Lakers have instead taken to scouring the barrel for guys like Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas or Rasheed Wallace instead of parting with Andrew Bynum (who’s quickly becoming Eric Dampier) and making a real run at Dwight Howard and another ring.