New Era of Baltimore Oriole Fans

July 07, 2013 | Eric Green

In the year 2013, there is a new era for Baltimore Oriole fans. If you were born in 1980 or later you are apart of this new era. Being apart of this group, you have no recollection of the World Series winning teams, or their dominance. Being born in 1987, I remember the teams of the 90s. Cal Ripken Jr. Roberto Alamar, Rafael Palmerio, Mike Mussia, and Brady Anderson headlined the teams of the 90s.My last memory of those 90s Os, are in 1997 where the Orioles lost to the Clevland Indians. That loss hurt as a 10 year old, then came the decade plus seasons of losing.



We, as the new era of fans cannot relate to our parents or grandparents glory stories.They can sit there and gloat about Jim Palmer,Brooks Robinson Earl Weaver, and Frank Robinson. With our current team it has the potential to leave us with memories as theirs. Although, this current flock of birds has yet to win anything yet, they have already left some memorable moments I can’t wait to tell thirty years from now.



The extra long game against the Red Sox where the first baseman pitched the final inning and won the game. Or the game where the Orioles beat the Red Sox in the season finale to eliminate Boston from clinching a playoff spot.Or the year the playoff drought was ended, our birds gave the Yankees a run for their money in the playoffs.



With players like Adam Jones, Manny Machado, and Matt Weiters in twenty to thirty years we will have great stories to tell. Working on a second straight season of winning is a great start. Sure hope a few of those stories will have championships involved as they did years ago.