Note to Orioles: make Derek Jeter an offer he can’t refuse …..

November 04, 2010 |

Of course, it’s also where a big hearted and big budgeted Peter Angelos would also have to stand up and be recognized. That’s right, Pete would need to commit to changing this culture …. and be 100% serious about it.

Did you hear that loud thud?

Yep, Nestor just fell outta his chair, while reading this blog. He can sense where I’m going with this idea …..

Peter Angelos, Andy MacPhail and Buck Showalter need to find Jeter’s agent, Casey Close, and book a dinner date scheduled for the day open bargaining begins. That’s right, they need to meet the “Close/Jeter” combo this Sunday evening, wherever they want to meet.

If they can’t do Sunday, ask for Monday. If they can do that, ask for Tuesday. But, meet them.

And, for those readers who think Jeter won’t even meet with the Orioles, you’re WRONG. He’s negotiating a new contract with the richest team in baseball, he’ll meet with any competitor, while hoping it increases his leverage. And, he’s not turning down Buck Showalter for dinner.

New Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter gestures to the crowd after the Orioles' win over the Los Angeles Angels in Showalter's first game as Orioles manager in their MLB American League baseball game in Baltimore, Maryland August 3, 2010.  REUTERS/Joe Giza (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

I’ll admit, there’s little chance Derek Jeter would be envisioning a scenario where he’s playing 81 games, at Camden Yards, next season. And, therein lies the challenge …..

Remember that “blank check” Hal Steinbrenner refuses to hand his shortstop? Well, Peter Angelos, with great thanks to his MASN network, could come damn close to doing just that.

According to WNST’s good friend, Craig Calcaterra, of, the Yankees are likely envisioning a 3-year deal for Jeter. They’re not expected to approach the rumored asking price of $20 million, per season. And, they’ll likely attach a personal services addendum on the backside of any agreement. You can find Craig’s article (HERE).

Peter Angelos can beat this estimate. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

And, yes, this is a prime example of the distinct difference between CAN and WILL.

Peter Angelos and the Orioles organization have the means to slide a 6-year/$120 million deal across the table and into the lap of Derek Jeter. He’ll likely choke on whatever he’s eating, but he’ll take notice.

I know, I know, you’re saying “Derek Jeter is not worth $20 million, per season.” According to diminishing statistics, you’re absolutely right. But, Derek Jeter brings more than a .270 batting average to any lineup he joins. And, it would be the Orioles task in assuring him of it.

They need to tell him why they really want him …..