Note to Orioles: make Derek Jeter an offer he can’t refuse …..

November 04, 2010 |

Of course, there’s every chance Derek Jeter and Casey Close shake hands with the Orioles brass, while subsequently retiring to a watering hole for a good LAUGH, a few drinks and cigars.

Yep, I can see Jeter chuckling, while saying “no freakin’ way bro” – as soon as they escape earshot of anyone from Baltimore. That would not surprise me one bit – it’s the price the Orioles and this city must pay for an era of circus-like antics.

But, Jeter would absolutely use such a firm offer in negotiating with Hal Steinbrenner.

And, that’s exactly what the Orioles should do, too.

Hold a press conference and publicize the offer made to Derek Jeter. Yep, Nestor is laughing, uncontrollably, now. The Orioles being openly transparent about something? Nah …..

Yet, that’s exactly what the people in this town want to hear. Tell us you’re trying – and throw out the firm financial amount for the entire world to see. There is no shame in making the best offer, and that’s exactly what the Orioles would be doing.

A worst case scenario would regard Derek Jeter rejecting the Orioles and returning to the Yankees for a 4-year/$60 million deal. It’s also the very likely outcome, as well.

August 13, 2010: Shortstop Derek Jeter  of the New York Yankees before a game against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

The fact that Derek Jeter left $60 million sitting on the table would say an awful lot about him – he’s the face of the Yankees and his heart, as well as marketing arm, are found in New York.

But, that remaining $60 million would say something very significant about the Orioles, too. Translation – they’re committed to improving this ballclub and making it a contender, again

I’m quite certain some readers are looking at this entire proposition and saying “the money could be spent elsewhere, and have more of an impact.” Really? Who are you overpaying to come here? Cliff Lee? Adrian Beltre? Carl Crawford?

I’ll make you a guarantee. Print this blog and hit me with it a few years down the road …..

Carl Crawford and Derek Jeter share a true commonality; they’ve both already had the best season of their careers. And, while I realize Crawford has much more upside remaining, he doesn’t change a team the way Derek Jeter would change a team.

What does Crawford’s voice sound like? Exactly.

Back to reality …..

I realize Derek Jeter will never wear an Orioles uniform. I realize Peter Angelos is not spending $20 million, per season, on a single player. I realize the Yankees will keep their Captain. But, there’s nothing wrong with hoping for something better.