Orioles Outlook Until All-Star Break

June 25, 2012 | Jeffrey Gilley

The Orioles have been up and down lately but mostly down.  The Orioles have dropped four of their last six games but did take two of three from the neighboring Nationals this past weekend.

If you look at the past six games, the Orioles have been at the mercy of some very talented pitchers which obviously contributes to an offensive slump.  Either way, the Orioles need to get their offense in order.

R.A. Dickey led things off on Jun. 18 when he pitched his second consecutive one-hitter against the Orioles and has been unstoppable with the exception of his game against the Yankees on Jun. 24.

Johan Santana didn’t make life for the Orioles any easier as he was one of the main reasons the Orioles were shut out for a second consecutive night.

As the sub-par six game stretch wore on, the Orioles offense was and still is looking for answers.  Matt Weiters might have provided a spark on Sunday that could propel the Orioles on a winning streak before the All-Star Break.

Weiters was in a similar situation on Jun. 10 against the Phillies.  In the bottom of the 10th inning, with only one out, Weiters broke the four-all tie with a RBI double that sent Adam Jones all the way home.

The Orioles went on to win five of six games until they ran into the Met’s pitching staff.

Coming into the All-Star Break, the Orioles must face the Angels in a two game series and later in a four game series, the Indians in a four game series, and the Mariners in a three game series.

The Anges made the Orioles look anemic at times in their three game series back in mid-April.  The Angels, who own one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball, held the Orioles to three runs in three consecutive games.  The Angels are currently first in the American League in earned run average with 3.42.  That number  also makes them fourth best in all of baseball.

The Angels are one of the more balanced teams in baseball and post a 2.61 batting average, good for eighth in Major League Baseball and fourth in the American League.

The Indians and Mariners are up next for the Orioles and both series are very winnable.  The Mariners scored 33 runs this past week but also surrendered 42 runs, which resulted in a two and four record last week.

The Orioles have a very good chance of beating the Indians because of the home run threats they have.  They thrive on and have hit the third most home runs in the American League with 93.  The Indians have the second highest earned run average in the American League but at the same time have not given up many home runs.

Overall, I see the Orioles going six and seven in the games leading to the All-Star Break.  Weiters clutch hit could build momentum but the four game series in Los Angeles is where the Orioles could lose momentum.