Random thoughts

March 25, 2008 |

Here are some just random thoughts:
-          I honestly do not think the Orioles will finish with 100 or more losses. Now I am not saying that they are going to make the playoffs or even come close, but they will not be that bad.
-          Someone on the O’s might win more than 13 games, but I am willing to bet that it will not be Jeremy Guthrie or Daniel Cabrera.
-          Look forward to being back at the ballpark (credential pending) and watching these guys. I have admitted that I am a Kevin Millar fan and think he is a very good veteran presence in the clubhouse. Kevin is not the most athletic or talented player, but there are very few that love the game more than him.
-          Speaking of guys that I enjoy talking with on the O’s about baseball and anything else are guys like : Jamie Walker, Kevin Millar, Chad Bradford, Brian Roberts, Ramon Hernandez, Danys Baez, there are a lot of good guys in the O’s clubhouse. Now I have not had a chance to meet Adam Jones, Luke Scott, Rocky Cherry, and some of the other guys that have come over, but I hear good things about them from other media members.
-          Now that I am thinking about it, here are a couple of my favorite players on the O’s that I enjoyed talking to in the clubhouse: Larry Bigbie, Javy Lopez, Latroy Hawkins, Steve Kline, and Kris Benson, just to name a few.
-          Yesterday on Rob’s show I mentioned that I think the top three needs in the Ravens would be: 1. Cornerback 2. Quarterback 3. Defensive end/linebacker
-          Finally got my XBOX 360 back from the repair shop and am enjoying having it back. Rockband is the greatest video game of all time
-          Congratulations to John Rallo for getting past the first major step to getting MMA legalized in the state of MD
-          If you are fan of Metallica and have not checked out the documentary Some Kind of Monster, do your self a favor and check it out. Have enjoyed going back and listening to old school Metallica also. Also like Flo-rida’s new album just for the record.
-          Here is my prediction for the World Series……Arizon vs Boston, although I do get a feeling that this could be the Cubs year.

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