Revisiting one of my most controversial blogs ….

January 25, 2011 |

Last spring, I wrote a blog regarding Nick Markakis and his place among Major League outfielders. The topic actually spawned from a caller, “Mark In Parkville”, who described the Orioles star as a TOP TEN OUTFIELDER.

At the time of last season’s blog, I listed 10 outfielders that I considered better than Markakis. By the end of the 2010 season, 7 of 10 players on my list merited arguably better statistics. The remaining 3 dealt with injuries and missed a substantial amount of games.

You can refer to that blog HERE

Today, I’m listing the outfielders from the previous blog, along with additional, worthy players. Have a look at the below roster and feel free to offer your opinion of where Nick Markakis ranks among the game’s best …..

Andre Ethier
Ichiro Suzuki
Jacoby Ellsbury
Alex Rios
Matt Kemp
Ryan Braun
Jason Bay
Nelson Cruz
Matt Holliday
Carl Crawford
Carlos Gonzalez
Jason Heyward
Jay Bruce
Josh Hamilton
Shin-Sin Choo
Grady Sizemore
Jayson Werth
Andrew McCutcheon

In truth, I really don’t believe half of the above listed players are better than Markakis. While most of them have more impressive offensive numbers, I think a major factor is the protection they have in the lineup. Obviously, Markakis has spent a considerable portion of his career without formidable bats behind him.

Did the Orioles address this in the off-season? Does Nick Markakis finally have a corps of veteran sticks in the same lineup? If so, we might see a career year. If not, he’ll probably lag behind most of the above players, again …..