Reynolds’ Bum Rap

September 04, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

So far the moves of Dan Duquette have seemingly been built on Moneyball concepts with OBP right at the forefront. That seems to likewise suggest that somehow or another Reynolds is likely to be back with the Orioles in 2013 at least, and possibly beyond.

Maybe Reynolds’ reputation for striking out impacts him in the eyes of umpires as much as it does with fans. Umpires are after all human too and Reynolds rarely seems to get the benefit of close calls on the corners. He surely hasn’t earned the deference that Nick Markakis (the only guy he’s looking up at in OBP on the Orioles) seems to get. Maybe this will change and maybe it won’t. Maybe umpires will eventually figure out that Reynolds’ primary struggles with the strikeout come from missing good pitches to hit rather than by swinging at bad ones. More likely they won’t.


What does seem plausible though is that Reynolds does at some point, begin to relax a bit more, and that perhaps at some point he starts to make contact more regularly as a result. It sure seems more likely for that to happen than it does that Markakis will suddenly find consistent 40-homerun power.


Maybe Buck Showalter will eventually realize that Reynolds skill set is much better used at the top of the order than at the bottom. The 2-hole seems like a decent option given what they’re getting there at present. What doesn’t seem likely however is Reynolds departure from the Orioles anytime soon. So get used to him…and prepare yourselves accordingly.