Mark Reynolds: Pack up your troubles

June 26, 2012 | James Finn

“Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag” was a marching song, intended to boost morale of British soldiers during the First World War.  A kit-bag is essentially a duffle bag used to carry your personal effects, weapons, clothes, etc.

I feel it’s time for Mark Reynolds to grab his kit-bag, and be sent elsewhere. He’s a liability in the field, regardless of which side of the diamond he’s on. Sure, he’s starting to climb out of his offensive funk, but he’s a lifetime .237 hitter. We shelled out HUGE money for this guy last year, and he’s owed according to reports $7.5 Million this season. That’s an awful lot of potato chips for a non-factor in any lineup.

Reynolds is a rally killer. This season, I’ve witnessed all to often Reynolds whiffing at an off-speed pitch, low and away, ending an inning with runners in scoring position. He has as many strike-outs in this situation as he does hits. And since we’re talking about strike-outs, lets not forget to mention how he’s led the league in strikeouts the past 4 seasons. Fortunately for him, his early season injury will likely stop this streak, but lets give him a fighting chance. If you set your mind to something, you can do anything, right?

What are the Orioles to do with him?  Where would he fit in?  What could the birds get in return?   He could be a shining star at a small market team with no playoff aspirations.  Last year, for the Orioles fledgling squad, he was a chance of a round tripper every chance at the plate.  He provided something to cheer about every few days, before notably slipping into an 0-the week slump.  He’d be better served with a team that needs a power hitter.  Someone with the occasional flash to his bat, help get some butts in the seats.  We don’t need another power hitter, we’ve got that in spades with studs like Jones, Davis, Hardy.  We need a solid glove on the diamond to sure up the defense, especially at the hot corner, where nobody has panned out this season.  We have no serious options on the farm.  I’d trade Reynolds out for someone with a worse average, but a hotter glove.  If i were Duquette, I’d listen to any and all offers.

If were going to seriously compete for a shot at the postseason, something needs to be done about Reynolds, because he is not going to take this club to the promised land.

So, As the final lyrics in the chorus go:

“What’s the use of worrying?

It never was worth while, so

Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,

And smile, smile, smile.”