Robert Andino Traded by Baltimore Orioles…..Glorious Day

November 21, 2012 | Josh Michael

I have heard a lot of fans are disappointed that the Baltimore Orioles traded away Robert Andino, but I say good riddens! Andino, other than a walk-off hit against Boston in 2011, has done nothing specatular with the bat, and is he ok in the field. I will give him credit in that he could play all four infield positions, but a lot of players out there can do that. Andino was arbitration eligible this year and would have gotten a raise and the Orioles were absolutely correct for getting rid of him before having to pay him more money to be terrible at the plate. Ryan Flaherty has much more upside, he hits from the left side of the plate and has much more power as well.

Most fans that are sad to see him go mention that they loved the attitude he brought to the team, and I have no problem with a guy that has some arrogance about him on a baseball field, you need that guy; however, that guy needs to be able to BACK IT UP!! What in the world has Andino done to back up his arrogance? Nothing!

So long Andino…….enjoy hitting .200 somewhere else!