Season of “Moneyball” begins for Angelos, Duquette, Buck & Orioles of 2012

July 13, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

players currently laboring on teams that have lost hope for 2012.

The next two weeks will tell Baltimore sports just where Peter G. Angelos’ head is in regard to wanting to win. He’s 83 years old. If winning is a desire of his – and we have no tangible evidence of this over the past decade – he’ll need to spend money and bring in some real pitchers.

Of course, all of this will play out with MASN, The Sun, WBAL and CBS Radio – all bought-off pussycats in the “muzzled media” full of hanger-ons & employees of Peter Angelos – and all ready and willing to make any excuse about why they don’t take on payroll to win a playoff berth and play some meaningful games in the only time of the year that matters – September.

What is the trade value of the Orioles’ one-time “untouchable” closet of arms?

Could Jake Arrieta wind up a Cub in an Alfonso Soriano/Matt Garza blockbuster?

Will Brian Matusz be in Milwaukee as Zack Greinke comes to Baltimore to make a dozen starts toward a playoff berth?

Might the Orioles find some ability to lure Cole Hamels to Baltimore for 12 starts?

And most importantly, will trade requests fall on the floor in the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos, who will be called on to write the big checks to pay real players who are proven at the big league level in late-summer baseball games.

Dana Eveland isn’t going to get it done.

Praying that Zach Britton – who couldn’t make consistent starts at Norfolk for three months will come to Baltimore and catch fire is just that – a prayer.

Miguel Gonzalez made a nice start last week. But what’s he going to look like over the next 15 turns in the same rotation that Arrieta, Matusz and Hunter have forfeited with their combined awfulness?

Many years ago I had a blind caller named Maurice who taught me a baseball lesson that I’ve never forgotten.

He always said: “An IS always beats a MAYBE.”

Jake Arrieta has always been a maybe. Brian Matusz looks at this point to be amongst the list of never-was-es. Tommy Hunter has already been given away by a team that plays in October every year and wants to win the World Series so he can’t be seriously considered a prospect for any MLB team at this point.

Will Angelos open his wallet and start “reinvesting” some of the $500 million in profit he’s siphoned out of the pockets of the people of six states and improve the Baltimore Orioles in the second half?

Only time will tell…

And we’ll be here to chronicle how seriously the Baltimore Orioles are taking the 2012 pennant race.

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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    It’s July and we are still talking about Orioles baseball. Wow. Next pigs will fly over OPACY and taxes and fees in Maryland will go down.

  2. Alex Says:

    Can the O’s please get rid of Reynolds?????? I don’t care if we get anything good for him, the man is a cancer, just having him out the lineup is an improvement.

  3. Scott Says:

    Once again, Nestor nailed it. The Orioles have had the same problem (Angelos’ ownership aside) for the past twelve years. They HAVE NO ACE. They haven’t had an ace since Mussina left in 2000. Hammel has had a nice season but realistically, he’s a fourth starter on a legitimate pennant contender. If not for the bullpen they would be 10-15 games under .500 because their offense is also a mirage, there are way too many obvious holes (especially in the infield and who knows when Machado will reach the big show). At this point, I would be happy with 82-80. They haven’t won more than they’ve lost in a decade and a half. Let’s have a winning season then go from there. Go O’s.

  4. Alex Says:

    Actually, he gets on base pretty well, and has looked sharp at 1st

  5. tsnamm Says:

    @Scott…exactly…the issue of course is aces cost money, and Pete isn’t interested in paying market prices…the ace is the stopper, the guy who ends losing streaks and get the team back on track, and we haven’t had one of those either as you pointed out, since Mussina left. Its pretty obvious that going on the 3rd installment of “growing the arms”, we are no closer to having an a legitimate 2nd or 3rd starter, let alone an ace. If all they’re going to do is complain about the cost of doing business, they should just get out of it and sell to someone who wants to actually compete and WIN. I’m not holding my breath.

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