Strasburg An All Star ??? You Bet ….

June 23, 2010 |

Well, we knew this topic would finally surface, right? It’s been all of two weeks and Stephen Strasburg has mowed his way through opposing Major League lineups.

At this point, the righty looks unstoppable. Yeah, I said it. He’s logged 19 innings, and struckout 32 batters. At the same time, he’s only surrendered 10 hits and 5 walks. That’s the definition of DOMINANT.

His streak of impeccable pitching is likely to continue, too.

This afternoon, Strasburg will be fed a diet of lackluster hitting in the form of the Kansas City Royals. They’re not beating him. I’d say the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets will be hard-pressed to do any damage, either.

That’s it – the Royals, Braves and Mets stand between Stephen Strasburg and Charlie Manuel’s inevitable, gutwrenching decision. Indeed, it’s not an easy conclusion …..

On one hand, there’s the prospect of playing by BUD SELIG’S STUPID RULES. Remember, this game counts. The winning league is awarded homefield advantage in the 2010 World Series. Charlie Manuel’s Phillies have been to TWO STRAIGHT Fall Classics.

Thus, he has every reason to believe his team can return for a third straight year, right?

If he believes the Phillies are a World Championship-caliber team, Charlie Manuel’s decision is easier than many might think. Who does he want facing the American League lineup in the 7th and 8th inning …..

Matt Capps?

Heath Bell?

Francisco Cordero?

Gimme a break. I’m an American League guy. I believe in the homerun. I embrace the DH. I savor not seeing Jake Arrieta with a stick in his hands. In fact, I hope the A.L. pulverizes the N.L. squad in the All Star game.

And, I couldn’t give a damn about the Philadelphia Phillies. I don’t care if they win or lose. In fact, I could only find one vision of the Phillies that really inspires me to enjoy the sight of their uniform ….

But, if I had a stake in the National League’s hopes – if I really wanted the National League team to win ….. and I had a voice in deciding who was on the team, Stephen Strasburg would be on the All Star squad. I don’t care if he’s earned it – he’s one of the best weapons in ensuring a win and ultimately, HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE.

Sure, another pitcher who’s contributed the entire season is likely to be sacrificed. Maybe, it’s Capps or Bell. Heck, it might be Tim Hudson or Mike Pelfrey. Who cares? I’d want Strasburg pitching for my sqaud before nearly any N.L. hurler.

It doesn’t matter who DESERVES to go to the All Star Game. Remember, Bud changed the rules and the ultimate reason for competing in this “EXHIBITION.” Winning the game matters – and it really matters when the guy making the decision watched his team forsake their WORLD TITLE, in Game 6 …. on the other team’s field, just 7 months ago !!!!

In a twisted way, selecting Stephen Strasburg to be an All Star would serve as a double edged weapon. It would alienate some veteran players and managers. But, I think Bud Selig and his cronies would love it – in the short term …..

Think about it ….. Stephen Strasburg matched up against Derek Jeter or Joe Mauer or Ichiro Suzuki or Vlad Guerrero or Evan Longoria or Miguel Cabrera or Ty Wiggington. Okay, strike the last one. But, you know what I mean.

Major League Baseball would love such a matchup – for NOW. However, in selecting a pitcher who hasn’t really EARNED an All Star appearance, Charlie Manuel might inspire a future impetus for choosing All Star reserves (and especially pitchers) based on WHO’S HOT, as opposed to who’s really earned it.

This is probably the single best way of finally defeating Bud Selig’s asinine All Star outcome. He wants the game to matter – so make it matter and put winning ahead of distinction. At some point, an A.L. or N.L. manager would end up selecting a staff full of closers. Watch and see ….

Do it, Charlie.

Don’t listen to Dusty Baker. What the hell does he know? He’s a loser. He’s been managing 17 seasons and he’s been to ONE World Series. Who cares if he’s belly-aching over Stephen Strasburg’s prospects of making the All Star team.

Don’t follow your heart, either, Charlie.

Just remember what it felt like as your team walked off the field, in Yankee Stadium, last November. Your Phillies were the defending World Champions, yet they left their “strap” in the Bronx, didn’t they?

Don’t let it happen, again. Win the All Star Game – period.

That’s the RULES.

Make this kid an All Star.

He’ll improve your chances of securing homefield advantage for the National League. And, today, that’s really what it’s all about.

Just ask Bud …..

Thanks Earl !!!!