Tex Wore a Yankees Hat To Orioles Games?

January 07, 2009 |

No, this isn’t some kind of sick joke. I couldn’t believe my ears last night after hearing the Mark Teixeira press conference, where Brian Cashman introduced the Severna Park native in pin stripes.

I can’t believe I’m even thinking about the baseball team when the Ravens are doing so well, but this just makes my blood boil.

Here’s an excerpt from the press conference:

“I think it says a lot that a kid who grew up in Baltimore, whose family had season tickets in Baltimore, would cheer for . . . Mattingly. People would say, ‘Why not Eddie [Murray], why not Cal [Ripken]?,’ but there was just something about Don Mattingly. My dad would take me to O’s games and I’d wear a Yankees hat, which wasn’t too safe in Baltimore back in the ’80s. But it was worth it. There’s something about being a Yankee, no matter where you are there are Yankees fans, and I’m glad to be a Yankee today.”

I’m gonna throw up…

And he had the gall to say this with a smile on his face. What ever happened to the days of: “it would be a dream for me to play in Baltimore?”

Also, his rat fink agent Scott Boras said that he thinks what the Yankees are doing is “good for baseball.” No, Scottie…it’s good for your wallet.

Good riddance.