Thanks, Brother …..

January 23, 2009 |

You’ve gotta admit that standing in Mark McGwire’s shoes over the last five years, hasn’t been an easy task.  He’s dodged accusatory bullet after bullet, when it comes to prominence in the ongoing “Steroid/HGH” scandal, in Major League Baseball.


It doesn’t matter who gets outed ….. McGwire, somehow gets drug back into the frey.  And, it really doesn’t matter who it is, either.  Roger Clemens?  Enter McGwire.  Barry Bonds? Enter McGwire.  Sammy Sosa? Absolutely, enter McGwire.  His name is synonymous with anything regarding performance enhancing drugs – period.


To his credit, Mark McGwire has done little to sully his image, during this time.  Then again, can it get any worse?  Yes it can …. and it is …. but, we’ll get to that in a second.  Mark McGwire, of late, has subscribed to a very reclusive life, bringing no further embarrassment on himself.  And, it has seemed to work ….. until yesterday.


Can you imagine how McGwire felt when his teammate, friend and colleague, Jose Canseco became the ultimate traitor and sold Mac’s deepest, darkest secrets, in the name of personal profit?  Well, if that upset him, I’d say yesterday’s revelation probably just hurt – straight to the heart.


As we all know, by now, Mark McGwire’s younger brother, Jay, is peddling a book deal.  And, yes, it’s a story full of sordid details regarding Mark’s introduction to steroid use and his history with such drugs.  Nice, huh?


Jay McGwire claims to be the GUY who introduced his older brother to steroids.  He even holds the distinction of being the first person to inject the slugger with a syringe full of “enhancing bulk-itis.”  That’s really cool.  Not only is Jay sorta responsible for his brother’s involvement in drug use, he’s taking it upon himself to SELL HIS BROTHER OUT.


I don’t care if little Johnny stole a Playboy Mag from 7-11 ….. his brother CAN’T rat him out.  I don’t care if the guy down the street cheats on his wife ….. his brother CAN’T rat him out.  And, I don’t care if Mark McGwire used drugs ….. his brother CAN’T rat him out !!!!


Does Jay McGwire have motives and agendas?  You betcha.  He’s looking to sell a book ….. and Mark hasn’t spoken to him in years.  Hmmm ….. for all his faults, it appears Mark has made one good personal decision, at least as it regards his brother.


What kind of leach needs to sell sordid secrets of their own flesh and blood, to make a living?  I don’t care what Mark McGwire has done, this is just wrong.  It’s every bit as disgusting as Ted Williams’ son trying to sell his pop’s DNA.  Remember that ???


Honestly, I’ve reached the point where I’m inclined to leave Mark McGwire alone.  Everyone knows he’s used steroids and his achievements are tainted.  The proof is in Hall of Fame balloting.  He has moved on with his life ….. and it’s being spent wearing a Scarlet-S, in relative anonymity.


I’m not naïve.  Mark McGwire will deal with allegations and ugly contrived fodder for the remainder of his life.  As with anything else, some of it will be true and some of it will be false.  Hey, he’s made his bed.


But, there should be some expectation that your family won’t fuel the fire, when it comes to a downfall.  I’ve got this funny feeling Jay McGwire would be best served changing his last name.  Uh-huh, he ranks alongside Fredo Corleone and Cain when it comes to family commitment.


And, we thought Mark was the BAD McGwire ……