The Blame Game

July 09, 2008 |

After last night’s game, there’s plenty of people to blame. You can blame Dave Trembley. He did take Daniel Cabrera out of the game in the seventh inning. You could assume Cabrera would have gotten out of the inning with the O’s lead still secured.

I don’t like Trembley’s decision, but I’m certainly not going to blame that loss on him. Players have to make plays.

Trembley went to the bullpen with a four-run lead. It’s reasonable for him to believe he has enough arms to protect that lead.

I hope Oriole players aren’t looking to pass blame. I’m hoping they are looking in the mirror at themselves. They blew that game last night. Miscues, errors and the lack of execution. Not a manager’s decision in the seventh inning.

Players make plays, not excuses. I’m hoping our players aren’t looking for someone to hide behind. I believe they have more character than that.