The joy of baseball and Brian Roberts

February 11, 2009 |

Do I enjoy covering the Ravens? Yes.
Do I enjoy football? Yes.
With that being said, this Saturday pitchers and catchers will report to spring training, and they will get ready to start the 2009 season. One of the more fun events I have covered was spring training a couple of years ago. Getting to watch the workouts, talking to the players and spending some time with the coaches was a lot of fun for me. I am a huge baseball fan and have been all of my life, and I enjoy watching the game and learning more about it. Growing up, all I wanted to be was a baseball player. Mark Grace was my favorite baseball player, and I could have told you anything you wanted to know about him from stats to personal stuff. That is how much I loved baseball, and honestly, I still do.
Are there a lot of issues in baseball? Yes, but personally I do not think about those things when the players cross the white lines and play the game. I am intrigued by the mental aspect of the game.
Why did they bunt in that situation?
Why did he not pull the guy in the sixth instead of the seventh?
Why did Melvin Mora bunt with a guy on third base and no one else on the team know about it?
I could watch the Pirates and Nationals play each other and enjoy it like it was the Red Sox and Yankees.
Each day, I will write a blog about the Orioles, whether it is from a team standpoint or individual players. One of the more interesting stories to me is what happens with Brian Roberts this season. I personally like Roberts, and I think he is a tremendous guy that does a lot of work in the community and the city, but does not get a lot of publicity about it, because that is his decision not to do so.
Will Brian resign with the Orioles? I know Brian has said that once the season starts he is pretty much done negotiating with the team.
Will the Os trade Brian? It’s hard to get a real value on the market for second baseman with a guy like Orlando Hudson still out on the open market.
Will Roberts have another all-star caliber year if he remains with the Orioles? I think the answer is yes. Brian is never going to be a guy to hit 20-plus home runs, that is just not who he is. I do think Brian will improve his numbers again this year just like he has almost every single year.
So, what do you think the future of Brian Roberts is?
I will even go as far as to say that if Roberts stays here all year long, I think he will be the Orioles’ team MVP.