The Monday List…

May 01, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Gonna do this every Monday for as long as I can…or until you guys lose interest.  Whichever comes first!  lol

The Top 10 Pitchers in Major League Baseball as of 4/30/07.

10. Josh Beckett, Boston – 57-45, 3.85 — Really looks to have found a home in Boston.  Of course, I could probably go 8-8 with that Red Sox team hitting for me.  Still, he’s off to a Cy Young-type start in ’07.

9.  Jake Peavy, San Diego – 57-45, 3.51 — Has the same record as Beckett, ironically.  Good, durable pitcher and the only reason you don’t know more about him is he does his work in San Diego.

8.  Barry Zito, San Francisco – 102-63, 3.55 — There are some serious issues going on with Zito’s arm and pitch speed right now, but over the last half-dozen years he’s been one of the game’s best. 

7.  Jason Schmidt, Los Angeles – 127-90, 3.91 — Like Zito, some are concerned about a drop in pitch speed early in ’07, but if he holds form in L.A., look for him to guide the Dodgers into playoff contention year after year.  He’s a 20-game winner-type each season.

6.  C.C. Sabathia, Cleveland – 81-56, 3.95 — When he’s on, you can’t hit him.  Looks like he’s really starting to emerge in Cleveland.

5.  Bartolo Colon, Anaheim/L.A/California – 140-87, 3.98 — Might be the most under-rated of the whole group.  Just keeps putting up the numbers, year after year. 

4.  Dontrelle Willis, Florida – 60-39, 3.43 — See above.  When he’s on, forget about it.  Power, power, power.  Will he stay in Florida?  That’s the question of ’07.

3.  Chris Carpenter, St. Louis – 100-68, 4.09 — Not always easy to list a guy as the 3rd best pitcher in MLB with an e.r.a. over 4 per-game, but the last three years, he’s been sensational.  If you need to win a game, pitch this kid and sit back and relax.

2.  Roy Halladay, Toronto – 98-47, 3.59 — On any given night, he’s the best in the game.  To really get a feel for how good this guy is, make sure you get out to Camden Yards this season if he’s pitching.  You have to see him “in person” to really absorb how dominating he can be.

1.  Johan Santana, Minnesota – 80-31, 3.19 — No, that’s not a typo.  80 wins and 31 losses in his career.  Not off to a great start in ’07 but don’t you worry, the numbers will be there in September.  It will look something like this:  21-12, 3.29 e.r.a.  Bank on it.

Others I considered but they couldn’t crack the Top 10:

Mark Buerhle, Felix Hernandez (this kid could be the best pitcher in the game in 2 years), Carlos Zambrano, Brandon Webb, Tim Hudson, Justin Verlander, Rodrigo Lopez (just checking to see if you’re really still reading).

Alright, time for you to e-mail me at and tell me who I missed.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

8:39 pm Monday edit:  Nitwit alert!!!  Nitwirt alert!!!  –  I already figured out someone I left off the list and none of you caught it yet.  Put Houston’s Roy Oswalt in at #5A…right alongside Bartolo Colon.  Told you I left SOMEONE off the list!  lol

Mark in Severna Park e-mailed me and asked why I didn’t have Glavine or Smoltz on the list.  I guess you should have 250-300 game winners on the list, but both of those guys – while still effective – just don’t strike me as Top 10 pitchers anymore…just like Schilling doesn’t make the list for the same reason.