The Reality Check Starting Nine Players We’ve Most Enjoyed Watching in Our Lifetime

February 22, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Our third edition of “The Starting Nine (Ten)” Wednesday centered around the subject “Who are the players you’ve most enjoyed watching play baseball in your lifetime?”

Was I supposed to follow up with something else here? Umm…let’s dance! (Oh, and bear in mind that I’m 28 years old and Ryan is 24.)

Glenn Clark’s Nine (Ten)…

Pitcher-Randy Johnson

Catcher-Ivan Rodriguez

First Base-Frank Thomas

Second Base-Roberto Alomar

Third Base-Chipper Jones

Shortstop-Derek Jeter

Outfield-Kenny Lofton

Outfield-Ken Griffey Jr.


Designated Hitter-Harold Baines

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  1. PghSteve Says:

    Mine: (I include only players that I have seen play in person)
    P – Bob Gibson
    C – Johnny Bench (Yogi Berra would be a close second)
    1B – Eddie Murray
    2B – Bill Mazeroski
    3B – Brooks Robinson
    SS – Ozzie Smith
    OF – Mickey Mantle (Mostly saw him in spring training games; only once in a game that counts, but he played first base in that game)
    OF – Rickey Henderson
    OF – Roberto Clemente
    DH – REAL baseball don’t have no DH
    NOTE – I did see Ted Williams play for 2 innings in a spring training game in 1960. That’s a guy that maybe could have played at DH for a few more years.

    (Edit from GMC: Henderson is a guy that I agonized over. I just have such a personal affinity for Lofton…)

  2. Jeff Ashton Says:

    Catcher – Ivan Rodriguez, there was only one Pudge, Carlton Fisk
    1st Base – Eddie
    2nd Base – Alomar
    SS – Cal/Jeter – so close
    3rd Base – A-Rod
    LF – Bonds
    CF – Lofton
    RF – Jr
    DH – Edgar Martinez
    SP – I’m choosing 4 for my rotation…Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Mussina and Pettite
    RP- Mariano
    Manager – Bobby Cox

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    My list no specific order
    Jim Palmer
    Eddie Murray
    Calvin Ripken Jr
    Reggie Jackson
    Mickey Mantle (my first MLB game with dad)
    Harmon Killebrew
    Frank Howard
    ps -imagine some of these guys on steriods? Heck Frank never even lifted weights and he is still in top ten home run list!

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